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The innovative work of the Fellows, affiliates, consultants, and students related to the CTL is only the first step. The critical step in ensuring that truly cutting-edge work becomes implemented, and ultimately institutionalized in a school or university is to disseminate that work so that others may learn from it. The CSUN Center for Teaching & Learning is responsible for multiple publications, to include CTL On the Cutting Edge, the T-CARE Newsletter, Research Briefs, and Annual Reports. In addition, the faculty in the College of Education are prolific in their dissemination of work conducted through the CTL, as well as their own research and classroom practices. We are proud to not only display their work here, but also the work of graduate students who have worked under the guidance and advisement of CTL faculty to conduct their own research on CTL-related issues.

T-CARE: Instructions for Authors

Here are the guidelines for our peer-reviewed newsletter:

  1. Word count: 275 words for the "Self Care Spotlight," and 550-650 words for any other article.
  2. Use an informal voice. (Before you start writing, please review past issues to get a feel for the tone of our articles
  3. Provide practical strategies that are geared toward educators.
  4. Use minimal references. One or two at most. Any references should be included in the word count.
  5. When you're ready with your submission, send it to with the subject line "TCARE Article Submission."
  6. Submit your article as an attached word document.
  7. Put your name/contact information on a separate cover page and be sure to indicate which column you've written an article for (What Really Works, Tips from a TOY, The Caring Connection, Admin Corner, or Self Care Spotlight).


Faculty Publications

Cover of Leading the Co-Teaching Dance

Leading the Co-Teaching Dance: Leadership Strategies to Enhance Team Outcomes

Authored by the Executive Director of the CTL, this new text is an invaluable resource to provide school leaders with the strategies, resources, best practices, techniques and materials they will need to establish and maintain successful co- teaching teams in their schools. Want more information? Contact the CTL for professional development in co-teaching by one of the nation's foremost experts!

Buy it here:

Cover of Intervention Collaborative Teaching

Schools Attuned: A Model for Collaborative Intervention by Ivor Weiner and Wendy Murawski

Wendy W. Murawski, Ph.D



Visit Corwin Press to explore Wendy W. Murawski's work on Co-teaching

Ivor Weiner, Ph.D


Carrie Rothstein-Fisch, Ph.D



Rachel Friedman-Narr, Ph.D


James Cunningham, Ph.D.


The Role of Intuition in Math Problem Solving (.pdf)

Student Publications

Cap & diploma

The CSUN students in the College of Education clearly demonstrate their own scholarship through their Masters’ Theses and Doctoral Dissertations. Many of these students have focused their efforts on research and work related to the focus areas of the CTL, and are under the guidance and advisement of our CTL faculty. The CTL is pleased to post links to the work of some of our finest students.

CTL on the Cutting Edge

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Annual Reports