Judicial Court

The Judicial Court is established under the authority of the Associated Students Constitution, and is responsible for ensuring that Associated Students actions, policies, and procedures are in alignment with the terms and spirit of the A.S. Constitution. Among, but not exclusive to, those responsibilities includes oversight of the A.S. process for chartering new campus clubs, reviewing purpose and name changes of A.S. chartered organizations, hearing challenges to the constitutionality of A.S. Elections-related issues, and making determinations of the constitutionality of an issue, subject, policy or procedure of the Associated Students. The Judicial Court shall have the responsibility upon the conclusion of judicial proceedings to make recommendations on any changes on or clarification of the A.S. Constitution, Senate Standing Rules, Codes, and other University policies.

Judicial Court meetings are held every Monday at 1pm in the Calabasas Room and are open to the public.

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