Dr. Asef’s Open to Public Operations Management Course

v  Syllabus

v  Introduction

v  Process Architecture and Break-Even Analysis

v  Operations Strategy

o    Operations Strategy

v  Forecasting- Part 1

v  Forecasting- Part 2

v  Capacity

v  Process Flow

o    Process Flow In Finance

v  Throughput

§  Throughput Assignment Set 2    


v   Flow Time

o    Flow Time Reduction

§  Flow Time Assignment Set 1

§  Flow Time Assignment Set 2

v  Waiting Line Analysis –Part 1

v  Waiting Line Analysis –Part 2

o    Introduction-If you like

o    Waiting Line Basics -Buffer

§  Waiting Line Problems Set 1

§  Waiting Line Problems Set 2

§  Waiting Line Macros

v  Basic Inventory Models

o    Inventory Basics

§  Inventory Basics Recorded 

§  Inventory Basics Assignment


v  Statistics Review

o    Discrete Distributions 

o    Continuous  Distributions 

o    Normal Distribution


v  Re-Order Point and The NewVendor Problem

o    ReOrder PointP1

o    ReOrder Point RecordedP1

o    ReOrder PointP2

o    ReOrder Point RecordedP2

§  ROP Assignment Basic

§  NVP Assignment Basic

§  ROP Assignment Advanced

o    Inventory Multiple Choice

o    ROP Proof of Formulas

o    ROP Centralization

o    ROP Centralization2

o    The News Person Problem Part 1

o    The News Person Problem Part_2

o    SC Coordination


v  Basic Discount Model

o    Inventory Discount Model

o    Inventory Discount Model Recorded

§  Inventory Discount Model Assignment


v  Linear Programming

o    Chapter 6(A)

o    Chapter 6(A) Recorded

o    LP Practice

o    LP Practice Set 2

o    Chapter 6(B)

o    Chapter 6(B) Recorded

o    Chapter 6(C)

o    Chapter 6(C) Recorded

o    Chapter 6(D)

o    Chapter 6(D) Recorded

o    Chapter 6(E)

o    Chapter 6(F)

o    Chapter 6(F) Recorded


v  Theory Of Constraints and Capacity

o    TOC Pre-LP View

o    TOC Pre-LP View Recorded

o    TOC LP View

o    TOC LP Practice

o    TOC Cost World

o    TOC General Model


v  Aggregate Planning

o    Aggregate Planning Introduction

o    Aggregate Planning Introduction Recorded

o    Aggregate Planning Problems

o    Aggregate Planning (The Transportation Model)

o    Aggregate Planning (The Transportation Model) Recorded

o    Transportation Problem



v  Productivity

o    Productivity

o    Productivity Problems


·         Chapter05LP

v  Operations Strategy


Part IV




·         LFTOverview  /  LFT1LFT2   /  SCM  /  SCM2

Sample Projects

·           WalMart / CallCenter / InNOut


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