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  • University Student Union Student Art Collection
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Sol Center — Second Floor Floor Gallery


In this gallery space, artists investigate the idea of the home. Defining it not only as physical structure but also as a conceptual, emotional and deeply felt entity, a house only becomes a home through collected time. By examining memories of home, the artists’ findings construct and determine their personal and social identity. Artists discover, identify, and express their perspectives in various ways.

Although sometimes mundane, the distinct colors, smells and imagery elicit aspects of an artist’s dwelling crucial to them. While every individual has unique memories, some cultural events or common objects have such a great impact they are capable of spanning a wide range of consciousness. As memory and identity flow and fluctuate, individuals perceive and express themselves in ways that are often traced back to home.


Sol Center — Other

Northridge Center Complex — First Floor Lobby


Movement is a basic part of our being. We physically move in reaction to objects, people, and surroundings or are encouraged by others to move in response to them. This movement dictates where we spend time and direct our attention. Movement takes many forms, sometimes characterized as rapid, fleeting, graceful or unexpected. As a result, it connects or separates those we come into contact with.

In this gallery space, artists interpret the idea of movement, investigating how the world moves around them. Some artists use rhythm, creating static objects that convey motion. Others capture a sudden or transient motion using various techniques to portray different perceptions of time. Artists can also use images to share stories about movement reminding us how instantly one action can change our direction.


Northridge Center Complex — Other

East Conference Center — First Floor Lobby


Nature has always inspired artists throughout history. It is common to see artists react, engage and reimagine imagery from their natural environment. Perhaps attracted to its endlessness, its current depletion or our isolation from it in densely populated areas, artists remind us that our relationship with nature is continually changing and that we are a part of a global ecosystem.

This gallery space examines the artists’ curiosity of nature. Some gather their materials directly from nature, exposing its grit and delicacy. Others depict animals, vegetation, and landscape in various ways. Sometimes they see traits of animals comparable to themselves, are mystified by the earth’s complex systems, or are interested in documenting visual beauty and phenomena in natural spaces. These artists mine organic and natural subject matter creating their own understanding of the natural world.


East Conference Center — Other

Oasis Wellness Center


Artwork with different colors, shapes, textures, forms and subject matter influence moods and levels of relaxation. Often cool colored compositions and images depicting nature will cathartically inspire, soothe, energize, and unwind those who are in its presence.

Artworks in this gallery intend to enhance the experience of being in a serene environment. Artists who create the paintings, photographs and sculptures seen here are interested in places they find calming and are inspired by often overlooked tranquil moments. This is not to say that these artists are oblivious to chaos, corruption, or disparity. Rather, they are interested in reviving and rebalancing our mood, releasing our tension, and reawakening our appreciation.


Student Recreation Center

Southwest Addition

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