Minor in Human Sexuality

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Minor in Human Sexuality

Minor in Human Sexuality

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Program Coordinators:

Bobbie Emetu
College of Health & Human Development
Department of Health Sciences
Phone: (818) 677-7607
Email: bobbie.emetu@csun.edu

Stacy Missari
College of Social and Behavioral Sciences
Department of Sociology
Phone: (818) 677-3591
Email: stacy.missari@csun.edu

About the Human Sexuality Minor

The Human Sexuality minor at CSUN is an interdisciplinary program that provides students with a comprehensive approach to understanding human sexuality.

In 1978, CSUN became the first university to offer an undergraduate minor in human sexuality. The minor grew out of major societal changes from the sexual revolution of the 1960s, augmented in the 1970s by the literature of philosophers and writers. By the late 1970s, university programs in human sexuality reflected many human sexuality and gender studies programs. The need for robust discourse became especially important after the late 1980s as a direct consequence of the AIDS epidemic.

Today, the minor takes a health, social sciences, and humanities approach. The minor is intended to provide students with an interdisciplinary field of study in human sexuality that will prepare them for careers in a variety of settings. The minor is intended to complement undergraduate majors for students who wish to take courses in areas of sexuality as part of their liberal arts education. With proper advising, it is possible for students to use courses within the minor to fulfill major and General Education requirements.


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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to complete the Human Sexuality Minor?

  • The minor is 21 units (7 classes)
  • Students can strategically plan ahead, so that GE classes can double count
  • However, the minor should not take more than an additional semester

If I have taken sexuality courses at another university, could those courses count towards the HSM?

  • Yes, but for a minor, a minimum of 6 units of upper division work must be taken at CSUN.
  • Each individual student's academic record is individually reviewed.
  • Sexuality courses that can be verified to be equivalent to CSUN HSM course work will be seriously considered toward fulfillment of the minor requirements.

Will the HSM cost add an additional cost to my undergraduate degree?

  • Tuition/fees change every year. Please refer to the Tuition and Other Fees CSUN website.
  • But, students can strategically plan taking HSM courses to not accrue additional cost.