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Change Major or Minor

This is a tutorial only. No log in is required.

You can request a change of major and/or minor online through myNorthridge and the SOLAR Student Center. You can add, change or drop a major/minor as long as your request complies with university policy. Changes to an impacted major cannot be requested online. Please contact your academic advisor.

Changing your major/minor online involves 4 steps:

  1. Before you begin, find out which College your major/minor is part of. You’ll need it later in this process.
  2. Request the change online in the SOLAR Student Center.
  3. An appropriate academic advisor or administrator will review your request.
  4. You will receive a notice of the decision by email. You can also check the status of your request online.

Use the Major/Minor Change paper forms if you have already completed 90 units, if your major does not allow online changes, or if you are enrolled in a major through the Tseng College (extension).


Step 1

Go to the CSUN home page at and:

  1. Select the myNorthridge Portal link.
  2. Log in with your CSUN User ID and Password.

 myNorthridge Portal login.

Step 2

Your myNorthridge home page displays.

Click the SOLAR Student Center icon in the Quick Links box.

 myNorthridge Portal Home tab.

Step 3

The SOLAR Student Center displays.

  1. Under the Academics heading, select Change Major/Minor from the drop-down menu.
  2. Then click the Go button.

 Academics, Finances and Personal Information are the 3 Student Center headings.

Step 4

The Change of Major/Minor page displays text to explain that:

  • You can add, change or delete your major(s) and/or minor(s)
  • Your request will require an approval process
  • You will receive an email with the results of your request
  • You can check the SOLAR Student Center for a decision on the “Change of Major/Minor Status” page

To find the College of your major/minor, select the CSUN Catalog link. You’ll need to know the College later in this process.

To exit myNorthridge, select Back to Portal (upper right corner)

To return to the previous page, select Student Center from the drop-down menu and then click the “go” icon.

To proceed, click the Next button.

 The CSUN Catalog link to look up the College of your major is in paragraph 2.

Step 5

The Restrictions page displays text to explain:

  • A few limitations to changing your major/minor online, and
  • Why some buttons might be greyed out.

Two boxes also display—one each for your major and minor (if any). 

Because the student in this example has only one major, the Delete button is greyed out.(She cannot delete her only major.)

This student can either Add a second major or Change her only major. She can also add a minor.

The CSUN Catalog link on this page is the last chance to look up the College of your major. You won't be able to complete Step 6 without it.

  1. To change your major, click Change in the major box.

 The Restrictions page displays all of your current majors and minors.

Step 6

A new page displays your intended action in the heading: ADD, CHANGE or DELETE a major/minor.

In this example, CHANGE Major/Minor, the page displays your current major information:

  • College name and code
  • Major name and code
  • Degree objective

To change your major, first look up the Requested College.  

  1. Click the magnifying glass icon.

 View the list of Colleges by using the magnifying glass search button.

Step 7

The Look Up Requested College pop-up window displays a list of Colleges by "academic group code" and "description."

  1. Select the College of your intended major/minor.

(This student has requested the College of Health and Human Development.)

 Select the College code or name from the two-column table.

Step 8

Your Requested College name and code now display. Now...

  1. Look up your Requested Major/Minor.
  2. Click the magnifying glass icon to view the list of majors.

 Your current College and major display above your requested College and major.

Step 9

The Look Up Major/Minor pop-up window lists all the academic program options (i.e., majors and minors) with their Academic Plan codes for the College you previously selected.

Tip: Click the “Description” column heading to sort the program list alphabetically.

  1. Scroll through the list if needed.
  2. Select your intended major/minor program by its Academic Plan code. 

The student in this example has chosen Public Health Promotion, Academic Plan code 342135B.

 Select the major/minor code from the two-column table.

Step 10

Your Requested Major/Minor and new degree objective (Bachelor of Science) now display.

Proofread your selection.

  • To go back and change your selection, click Cancel.
  • If satisfied with your selection, click Next.

 The change Major/Minor page displays your current and requested majors.

Step 11

The CONFIRM Change Major/Minor page displays.

Make sure you’ve selected the intended College and major/minor.

  • To go back, click Cancel.
  • To proceed with your request, click Submit.

 The current and requested College and major/minor again display.

Step 12

The “approval required” pop-up message displays to remind you that:

  • Your request will be reviewed by the College advisor or administrator
  • A decision notice will be sent to your CSUN email account
  • You can also “Check Major/Minor Status” in the SOLAR Student Center

You can still cancel your request by clicking the Cancel button in the message window.

To proceed, click OK.

 The OK button is inside the Message window.

Step 13

The Change of Major/Minor Request Completed page confirms that your request has been submitted for review.

A confirmation of your request will be sent to your CSUN email account.

  1. Click the View Change of Major Status link.

 This SOLAR page includes the heading Request Completed.

Step 14

The Change of Major/Minor Status page displays the record of your request(s) including:

  • Transaction details (date and time, action, College, type, major/minor code and description, degree)
  • Status of request (applied, approved, or denied)
  • Option to Cancel your request

If you change your mind, return to this page to cancel your Change of Major/Minor. The Cancel button will display until an advisor or administrator replies to your request. 

From the “go to” drop-down menu, select Student Center and click the Go button.

 A 10-column table displays details for each applied and cancelled transaction.

Step 15

The SOLAR Student Center displays. 

If you log out, you can return to the SOLAR Student Center later to view the status of your request as follows:

  1. In the “Academics” section from the “other academic” drop-down menu, select Check Major/Minor Status.
  2. Then click the “go” button.

 Back on the SOLAR Student Center home page.

Step 16

The Change of Major/Minor Status page displays the decision, either approved or denied.

A notice of the decision will also be sent to your CSUN email account.

  • To return to myNorthridge, click Back to Portal.
  • When done, click LOGOUT.

 The 10-column table displays approved, denied, applied or cancelled by student.

Step 17

Check your CSUN email account for a message stating whether or not your Change of Major/Minor request has been approved.

For degree planning and answers to questions about your new major/minor, please contact your academic advisor.

Degree Planning Tools:

 Example of change approval email response qualified requester would receive.