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Dr. Debi Prasad Choudhary

Live Oak Hall, Room 1128
18111 Nordhoff Street
Northridge, CA 91330-8268

Phone: (818) 677-2775

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Hours: M-F 8:00 AM-5:00 PM

Alumni List

California State University, Northridge Physics & Astronomy

All individuals that received a degree from the Department of Physics and Astronomy are listed below. If you received more than one degree from this Department, your name is listed in the year in which you obtained your first degree. If you do not see your name or that of someone else that you know or your information is incorrect, please accept our apologies and notify us immediately so that we can correct it. In any case, we would like to hear from you. Consider adding a personal note to our Department Alumni News page. You can email us at Thank you.

Intisar Alshammri (M.S. Physics)
Jasmin Camacho (B.S. Physics)
Sohee Kwon (M.S. Physics)
Vanessa E. Lopez (B.S. Physics)
Luis Romero (B.S. Physics)
Parvaneh Semsar (M.S. Physics)
Amy E. Van Leeuwen (B.S. Physics, Honors)

Behnam Amlashi (M.S. Physics)
Areli Castrejon (B.S. Physics, Astrophysics Option)
Mariela Chavez (B.S. Physics, Astrophysics Option)
Earl Justin A. Encarnacion (B.S. Physics)
James M. Frederick (B.S. Physics)
Erick A. Guzman (B.S. Physics)
Aishwarya Iyer (M.S. Physics)
Kevin P. Joyce (B.A. Physics)
Darnell E. Kelly (M.S. Physics)
Garrett R. Korpinen (B.S. Physics)
Konstantinos Koutsos (B.S. Physics)
Thomas Martin (B.S. Physics)
Joshua D. Neilson (M.S. Physics)
Hung D. Pham (B.S. Physics)
Frederick J. Reba (B.A. Physics)
John M. Rincon (B.S. Physics, Astrophysics Option)
Zachary Stiegler (B.A. Physics)
John Paul D. Talledo (B.S. Physics)
Aidan T. Thorp (B.S. Physics)
Blake A. Tinoco (B.S. Physics, Astrophysics Option)

Jonathan M. Acuna (B.S. Physics, Astrophysics Option)
Ebtehal Alrewaily (M.S. Physics)
Varderes Barsegyan (B.S. Physics)
Elliott A. Baygan (B.S. Physics)
Daniel E. Davies (B.S. Physics, Honors)
Charles E. Etienne (B.S. Physics, Astrophysics Option)
Melissa S. Ghafarian (M.S. Physics)
Gonzalo Hernandez (M.S. Physics)
Malcom A. Jackson (B.S. Physics)
Garrett C. Limon (B.S. Physics)
Matthew Minton (B.S. Physics)
Jesse Myers (B.S. Physics, Honors)
Angelica Ottaviano (B.S. Physics)
Yeimy J. Rivera (M.S. Physics)
Sean G. Snyder (B.S. Physics, Honors)
Alexandra C. Yep (M.S. Physics)
Jonathon K. Zink (M.S. Physics)

Michael Artinian (B.S. Physics, Astrophysics Option)
Julius Chapman (B.S. Physics, Astrophysics Option)
Samuel Dickey (B.S. Physics)
Robert Hayes (B.S. Physics, Honors)
Matthew Kim (M.S. Physics)
Jacob Kleine (B.S. Physics)
Benjamin S. Zastovnik (M.S. Physics)

Yasmin Alaee (M.S. Physics)
Luis D. Contreras (M.S. Physics)
April Corella (M.S. Physics)
Dartagnan G. Greene (M.S. Physics)
Keith G. Gresiak (M.S. Physics)

Gonzalo Hernandez (B.S. Physics, 2016 M.S. Physics)
Jeffrey Lillibridge (B.S. Physics, 2016 M.S. Physics)
Jesse Lopez (B.S. Physics, Astrophysics option)
Rodolfo Lopez Jr. (M.S. Physics)
Kareem Mehrabiani (B.S. Physics)
Vahan Minissian (M.S. Physics)
Jake Reschke (B.S. Physics)
Himal Rathnakumara (M.S. Physics)
Masoumeh Rousta (M.S. Physics)
Israel C. Ruiz (B.A. Physics)

Tersi M. Arias (M.S. Physics)
Elizabeth M. Carey (M.S. Physics)
Jonathan Cruz-Garcia (B.S. Physics, Astrophysics option)
Shelley Green (M.S. Physics)
James M. Kentosh (M.S. Physics)
Bradford Melnick (B.A. Physics)
Jesus Morales (M.S. Physics)
Haik Nazaryan (B.S. Physics)
Amir Pirayandeh (B.S. Physics)
Tyler Sherban (B.A. Physics)
Jon Spalding (M.S. Physics)
Menoa Yousefi (B.S. Physics, Astrophysics option, 2015 M.S. Physics)

Cesar Ascencio (M.S. Physics)
Michael Darling (M.S. Physics)
Ian Ewing (M.S. Physics)
Sean T. Fife (M.S. Physics) 
Barry Irick (B.S. Physics, 2015 M.S. Physics) 
Dennis Irwin (B.A. Physics)
Sima Kamran (M.S. Physics)
Karapet Karapetyan (M.S. Physics)
Raika Khodadad (B.S. Physics)
Colin P. Klinger (M.S. Physics)
Shruti Kukarni (M.S. Physics)
Tyler Lawson (B.S. Physics, Astrophysics option) 
Gordon MacDonald (M.S. Physics)
Max Norris (B.S. Physics, Astrophysics option, 2014 M.S. Physics) 
Sergio Orozco (M.S. Physics) 
Hiral Patel (M.S. Physics) 
Jeremie Priest (B.S. Physics, 2015 M.S. Physics)
Albert Quintanilla (B.S. Physics)
Patrick Shahnazarian (M.S. Physics)
Benjamin Sherman (B.S. Physics)

Jeremiah Shore (B.S. Physics, Astrophysics option)

David Berkowitz (M.S. Physics)
Ian Carroll (B.S. Physics, 2016 M.S. Physics)
Ryan de Vera (B.S. Physics) 
Niroshan Devendran (B.S. Physics, Astrophysics option, 2013 M.S. Physics)
Jacob Gayles (B.S. Physics)
John Hodgson (B.S. Physics, Astrophysics option, 2013 M.S. Physics)
Karen A. Hutchison (M.S. Physics)

Jonathon Jilla (B.S. Physics)
Santino F. Labbate (M.S. Physics)
Michael Lund (M.S. Physics)
Kelly Margaritis (B.S. Physics)
Devon McMahon (M.S. Physics)
Tanaz Mohayai (B.S. Physics, Astrophysics option) 
Ken Nakatsukasa (M.S. Physics) 
Albert Natian (M.S. Physics) 
Robert Starr (M.S. Physics)
Gregoire Tronel (B.S. Physics)
Michael Tu (B.S. Physics, Astrophysics option)
Suneet Upadhyay (M.S. Physics)

Saliha Akca (M.S. Physics)
Morten Benserud (B.S. Physics)
Nathan Brown (M.S. Physics) 
Prudence A. Cathaway-Kjontvedt (M.S. Physics)
Andrew Denio (B.S. Physics, Astrophysics option)
George Gomes de Costa (M.S. Physics)
Lawrence Lim (M.S. Physics)
Jose Madrigal (M.S. Physics)
William J. McEntee (M.S. Physics)
John B. Neilan III (B.A. Biomedical Physics)
Sergio Orozco (B.S. Physics, Astrophysics option)
Yogeshwari Patel (M.S. Physics)
Shannon L. Peters (B.A. Physics)
Evan D. Randles (B.S. Physics)
Humberto Raya (B.S. Physics)
Eric Sanchez (B.S. Physics) 
Darren B. Sarte (B.A. Biomedical Physics)
Negar Shamash (B.A. Physics)
Usha Sree Tejomoortula (M.S. Physics)
Alice Tseng (M.S. Physics)
Rajiv Uttamchandani (M.S. Physics)

Hayley L. Tyler (B.S. Physics, Astrophysics option)
Frances Wulke (B.S., Physics, Astrophysics option)

Arsalan Amir Ali (B.A. Biomedical Physics)
Wendy Campos (B.A. Biomedical Physics)
Elizabeth M. Carey (B.S. Physics, Astrophysics option)
Marni R. Doyle (B.S. Physics, Astrophysics option)
Bissy Jude Jose (M.S. Physics)
Olubukola L. Laditan (B.A. Biomedical Physics)
Gordon A. MacDonald (B.S. Physics) 
Jabbar A. Magruder (B.A. Biomedical Physics)
Ditte Lisbeth Jensen (M.S. Physics)
Robert Lofing (M.S. Physics)
Miran Mavlan (B.A. Biomedical Physics)
Jaime D. Osorio (M.S. Physics)
Hubert W. Peng (B.A. Biomedical Physics)
Christina M. Schreib (B.S. Physics, Astrophysics option)
Nadia Souri (B.A. Physics)
Aspram Torosian (B.A. Physics) 
Zuleyha Unlu (M.S. Physics)
Andrew D. Vandenberg (M.S. Physics)
Michael M. Vargas (M.S. Physics)
Laura Wulke (B.A. Biomedical Physics)

Adriana A. Garibay (B.A. Biomedical Physics)
David M. Gordon (M.S. Physics)
Muchin Huang (M.S. Physics)
Colin P. Klinger (B.S. Physics)
Thomas Lincoln (M.S. Physics)
Darrell L. Nash (B.A. Biomedical Physics)
Georgiy Shcherbatyuk (M.S. Physics) 
Vincent M. Tagliamonti (M.S. Physics) 
Ariel C. Viramontes (B.A. Biomedical Physics)
Kemal A. Yassin (B.S. Physics, Astrophysics option, 2014 M.S. Physics) 

Odette Arman (B.A. Biomedical Physics) 
Stephanie Bailey (B.A. Biomedical Physics)
Gasia Bedrosian (M.S. Physics)
Kathleen Cadman (M.S. Physics) 
Lisa M. Carrasco (B.A. Biomedical Physics) 
Jenilyn E. Datu (B.A. Biomedical Physics)
Erica Dent (B.A. Biomedical Physics) 
John Foss (B.S. Physics)
Isai Hernandez (B.A. Biomedical Physics) 
Mark Kurban (M.S. Physics) 
Faiyaz Lalani (B.A. Physics) 
Trevor Leonard (B.S. Physics) 
Michael Lund (B.S. Physics, Astrophysics option) 
Justin Miller (M.S. Physics)  
Luis Navarrete (B.A. Biomedical Physics) 
Edward Nazarian (B.A. Biomedical Physics) 
Nicholas Osher (B.A. Biomedical Physics)
Gulsum Oz (M.S. Physics)  
Yoshinori Ozawa (B.S. Physics) 
Niva Ranjeet (M.S. Physics) 
Hambik Tankazyan (B.A. Biomedical Physics) 
Rajiv Uttamchandani (B.S. Physics, Astrophysics option)  
Andrew D. Vandenberg (B.S. Physics, Astrophysics option)
Michal Wesolowski (M.S. Physics) 

Justin Baker (B.A. Physics) 
Mary Balian (B.S. Physics, Astrophysics option)
Maricar Bernardo (B.A. Biomedical Physics) 
Gasia Bedrosian (M.S. Physics)
Mary Balian (B.S. Physics, Astrophysics option)
Maricar Bernardo (B.A. Biomedical Physics) 
Gasia Bedrosian (M.S. Physics) 
Jack Burton (B.S. Physics) 
Benjamin Ett (B.S. Physics) 
Thiago Halmer (B.A. Biomedical Physics) 
Mu-Chin Huang (B.A. Physics)
Matthew Hunwardsen (M.S. Physics)
Leonard James (M.S. Physics)
Chun-Han Lee (B.A. Physics)
Jose Madrigal (B.S. Physics)
Garineh D. Martirossian (B.A. Biomedical Physics)
Farisa Morales (M.S. Physics)
Elias Paris (M.S. Physics)
Daniel Reyna (B.S. Physics, Astrophysics option)
Carlos Saa (B.S. Physics)
Nicole E. Sansone (B.A. Biomedical Physics)
Yeranuhi Semerdjian (B.S. Physics, Astrophysics option)
Rohit Sharma (B.A. Biomedical Physics)
Patrick Stone (B.S. Physics)
Vince Tagliamonti (B.S. Physics, Astrophysics option)
Michael Vargas (B.S. Physics)
Christopher Vergien (B.S. Physics)
Michal Weslowski (M.S. Physics)
Andrew Wilds (B.S. Physics)
Jaime Yost (M.S. Physics) 

Name withheld by request (M.S. Physics) 
Geoffrey R. Dejaynes (B.A. Biomedical Physics) 
Joseph Delahunt (B.S. Physics) 
William Gempel (B.A. Physics) 
Jeremy Jones (B.S. Physics) 
Dundar Karabay (M.S. Physics) 
Moon Suk Lee (M.S. Physics) 
Daniel McDonald (B.S. Physics) 
Robert Monaco (B.S. Physics, Astrophysics Option) 
Manish Narayan (B.S. Physics) 
Nicholas Roueiheb (B.A. Biomedical Physics) 
Tova Sardot (B.S. Physics) 
Andrew Shaw (B.A. Biomedical Physics) 
Georgiy Shcherbatyuk (B.S. Physics) 
Ratnakiran Tunuri (B.S. Physics) 
Aya Yabusaki (B.A. Biomedical Physics) 
Nan-Hsin Yu (M.S. Physics)

Kevin Edward Berry (B.S. Physics) 
Kathleen M. Cadman (B.S. Physics) 
Joseph A. Delahunt (B.S. Physics) 
Gregory M. Frye (B.S. Physics) 
Aaron P. Halverson (B.A. Biomedical Physics) 
Hector Dominguez Hernandez (B.S. Physics) 
Mavis Amity Irwin (B.A. Biomedical Physics) 
Chaba Sandor (B.S. Physics, 2007 M.S. Physics)
Ilyea Shaikh (M.S. Physics) 
Mychica R. Simmons (B.A. Biomedical Physics) 
Matthew Thomas Toigo (M.S. Physics) 
Ryan M. Yancey (M.S. Physics) 

Yaroujan Akopian (M.S. Physics) 
Juan Jose Aguilar (B.S. Physics) 
Kenneth Cooper (B.S. Physics) 
Maritza Garcia (B.A. Biomedical Physics) 
Barbara J. Falkowski (B.S. Physics, 2005 M.S. Physics) 
Berrie Goldman (B.A. Biomedical Physics) 
Sorapong Kruthanooch (B.S. Physics) 
Brian V. Martinelli (B.S. Physics, 2004 M.S. Physics) 
David C. Miccolis (B.S. Physics) 
S.M. Ishtiak Murtaza (M.S. Physics) 
Orlando M. Nolledo (B.S. Physics) 
Celia L. Ochoa Smith (B.S. Physics) 
Mayra Tovar (M.S. Physics)

Mahnaz M. Asghaei (B.A. Biomedical Physics) 
Jay Beatty (B.A. Biomedical Physics) 
Elizabeth Bell (B.S. Physics, 2004 M.S. Physics) 
Aaron R. Blow (M.S. Physics) 
Sahiti Chekuri (B.A. Biomedical Physics) 
Laura Gomez (B.A. Biomedical Physics) 
Lucas Haley (B.S. Physics) 
Matthew House (B.A. Biomedical Physics) 
Glynis Abigail Julien (M.S. Physics) 
Alexander Lee (B.S. Physics, 2004 M.S. Physics) 
Makan Mohageg (B.S. Physics) 
Ishtiak Murtaza (M.S. Physics) 
Joel Noland (B.S. Physics) 
Peter Porazik (B.S. Physics) 
Henry J. Scudder (M.S. Physics) 
Trang Tong (B.A. Biomedical Physics)

John E. Basinski (B.S. Physics) 
Jose A. Ceja (B.S. Physics, 2003 M.S. Physics) 
Jeremy A. Hules (B.S. Physics, Astrophysics Option, 2005 M.S. Physics) 
Rebecca A. Linck (B.S. Physics, Astrophysics Option) 
Rolando A. Maldonado (B.A. Biomedical Physics) 
Rosa Medina (B.A. Biomedical Physics) 
James F. Patterson (M.S. Physics) 
Joshua R. Stamp (M.S. Physics) 
Melonie A. Wilkerson (B.S. Physics)

Luis H. Brandi (M.S. Physics) 
Ulises J. Garcia (B.A. Biomedical Physics) 
Alicia Heckathorne (B.S. Physics, 2002 M.S. Physics) 
Zakia Kator (B.S. Physics) 
Alan R. Kramer (B.S. Physics) 
Vahan L. Minassian (B.S. Physics, Astrophysics Option) 
Demitri N. Muna (M.S. Physics) 
Tirso Silva (B.S. Physics) 
Robert F. Troy (M.S. Physics)

Patrick M. Collins (B.S. Physics, 2002 M.S. Physics) 
Ammar Durghalli (B.S. Physics) 
Richard A. Hansell (M.S. Physics) 
Bernard B. Hunwick III (B.A. Biomedical Physics) 
Irina V. Kolomey (B.A. Biomedical Physics) 
Janelle D. Lunasin (B.A. Biomedical Physics) 
Jeffrey A. Milford (B.S. Physics)

Hidehito Adaniya (M.S. Physics) 
Victor A. Andrade (M.S. Physics) 
Tae S. Lee (B.S. Physics, Astrophysics Option) 
Arturo R. Ortiz (M.S. Physics) 
Daniel T. Riedinger (B.S. Physics) 
Kirsti M. Webb (B.S. Physics, Astrophysics Option, 2001 M.S. Physics)

John E. Catuna (B.S. Physics, Astrophysics Option) 
Stephen S. Desilva (M.S. Physics) 
Christian J. Faur (B.S. Physics) 
Kevin Gorlick (B.S. Physics) 
Christopher Green (B.S. Physics) 
Linda K. Krawitz (B.S. Physics) 
Kirsti M. Lewis (B.S. Physics, 2001 M.S. Physics) 
Stepan Mahjoubian (M.S. Physics) 
Arthur Reifman (B.S. Physics) 
Fariati Tirtowidjojo (M.S. Physics)

Sean C. Ahern (M.S. Physics) 
Sami W. Asmar (M.S. Physics) 
Robert S. Bowlds (B.S. Physics) 
Stephen A. Campbell (B.S. Physics) 
Dina El Deeb (B.S. Physics) 
Cesar A. Garcia- Dorantes (B.S. Physics) 
Dobrina H. Iotova (M.S. Physics) 
Amar Q. Liang (B.S. Physics) 
Anthony J. Manzo (B.S. Physics, 1998 M.S. Physics) 
John L. Markson (B.S. Physics) 
Luis O. Messina (M.S. Physics) 
Sung H. Park (B.S. Physics, 1998 M.S. Physics) 
Jason A. Pruet (B.S. Physics) 
Antoine J. Shahin (B.S. Physics, 1998 M.S. Physics) 
Jerome Zidanic (B.S. Physics) 

Steve Agoston (B.S. Physics) 
Babken Aladadyan (M.S. Physics) 
Gediminas L. Bluzas (M.S. Physics) 
Kenneth M. Edmondson (B.S. Physics, 1997 M.S. Physics) 
Forouzan Faridian (M.S. Physics) 
Joel A. Goodsell (B.S. Physics) 
Gary D. Haggart (B.S. Physics) 
Akemi K. Knight (M.S. Physics) 
Michelle D. Meyer (M.S. Physics) 
Karsten G. Otte (M.S. Physics) 
Paul Reyes- Fournier (B.S. Physics) 
Darin T. Solk (B.S. Physics) 
Kenneth M. Webb (B.S. Physics, 1998 M.S. Physics)

Ernesto P. Argueta (B.S. Physics) 
Mary E. Campbell (B.S. Physics) 
Sean A. Charles (B.S. Physics) 
Morgan W. Harman (B.S. Physics) 
Michael B. Hill (B.S. Physics) 
Wing Y. Jew (B.S. Physics) 
Jeffrey V. Jorgensen (B.S. Physics) 
Edward F. Kleinman (M.S. Physics) 
Yu S. Lin (M.S. Physics) 
Shaan M. McClendon (B.S. Physics) 
Christopher D. McMullen (B.S. Physics, 1998 M.S. Physics) 
George D. Petrisca (B.S. Physics) 
Philip B. Schmeltzer (B.S. Physics) 
Marilyn E. Usher (M.S. Physics) 
Manuel R. Vadillo (B.S. Physics) 
George E. Vazquez (B.S. Physics) 

Thomas J. Bensky (B.S. Physics) 
Paul A. Bulharowski (B.S. Physics) 
Jan L. Cahan (B.S. Physics) 
Kyeong H. Corbin (M.S. Physics) 
Roy G. Hemker (M.S. Physics) 
Barbara J. Hougardy (B.S. Physics) 
Mark T. Kawaguchi (B.S. Physics) 
Firouz Keramati (B.S. Physics) 
Jacqueline H. Kim (M.S. Physics) 
William R. Lay (B.S. Physics) 
Damien Dong Hyuk Lee (B.S. Physics) 
Christopher F. Mach (B.S. Physics) 
Mary-Lisa J. Orth (B.S. Physics) 
Kintesh B. Patel (M.S. Physics) 
Minou Peters (B.S. Physics) 
Josh E. Reniker (B.S. Physics, 1999 M.S. Physics) 
Hans P. Schwebler (M.S. Physics) 
Steven A. Smith (B.S. Physics) 
Vaughn Steele (B.S. Physics) 
Kevin S. Thomas (B.S. Physics, 1995 M.S. Physics) 
Bryan D. Waldron (B.S. Physics) 
Christopher J. Wilson (B.S. Physics, 1995 M.S. Physics) 
Erich N. Wolf (B.S. Physics) 
John F. Zanni (B.S. Physics)

Marcus A. Alfred (B.S. Physics, 1994 M.S. Physics) 
Patrick J. Alger (B.S. Physics, 1995 M.S. Physics) 
Paul R. Bollington (B.S. Physics) 
Arnon J. Boyarsky (M.S. Physics) 
Thomas R. Bunce (B.S. Physics) 
Juan A. Camarena (B.S. Physics) 
Roy Yu Chen (B.S. Physics) 
Robert S. David (M.S. Physics) 
Kevin A. Delson (B.S. Physics) 
Robert D. Deranian (M.S. Physics) 
Richard V. Harold (B.S. Physics) 
Peter H. Harris (B.S. Physics) 
Brook A. Henderson (B.S. Physics) 
Jeffrey R. Johnson (B.S. Physics) 
Fathollah Kasraie (M.S. Physics) 
Douglas J. Koehler (B.S. Physics) 
Patricia P. Lin (B.S. Physics) 
Eric D. Marnoch (B.S. Physics) 
Michael B. Scott (B.S. Physics) 
Andrew P. Sleutjes (B.S. Physics) 
Christopher D. Smith (B.S. Physics) 
Dan S. Tamlung (B.S. Physics) 
Robert S. Trimble (B.S. Physics) 
Lin Yin (M.S. Physics) 
Roya Zandihaghighi (B.S. Physics, 1994 M.S. Physics) 

Margarete B. Allen (B.S. Physics, 1998 M.S. Physics) 
Ion Baroi (B.S. Physics) 
John G. Beck (M.S. Physics) 
Bradley A. Blocksom (B.S. Physics) 
James L. Buckley (B.S. Physics) 
Roberto E. Cano (B.S. Physics, 1995 M.S. Physics) 
Lee P. Chu (B.S. Physics) 
Raymond C. Crott (B.S. Physics) 
Anthony L. Daniell (B.S. Physics, 1995 M.S. Physics) 
Michael R. Gluszczak (B.S. Physics, 1995 M.S. Physics) 
Charles R. Hines (B.S. Physics) 
Ofer Iny (B.S. Physics) 
Todd D. Johnson (B.S. Physics) 
Jahyong Kuh (M.S. Physics) 
Joseph E. Leblanc (M.S. Physics) 
Brian K. Nobe (M.S. Physics) 
William L. Putnam (B.S. Physics) 
Sharon M. Shafer (B.S. Physics) 
Bijan Shariatzadeh (B.S. Physics, 1997 M.S. Physics) 
David A. Slater (B.S. Physics) 
Daniel J. Swearingen (M.S. Physics) 
Donald W. Turnblade (M.S. Physics) 
Isabel Wendt (M.S. Physics) 
Gregory D. Yenney (B.S. Physics) 
Thelma Yoosephiance (B.S. Physics) 
Hon J. Yu (B.S. Physics) 
Laura L. Zaremba (B.S. Physics)

Stacy V. Adams (B.A. Physics) 
Sabah M. Alnaemi (M.S. Physics) 
Allan Antaki (B.S. Physics, 1993 M.S. Physics) 
Jeffrey R. Berkowitz (M.S. Physics) 
Hanif A. Bholat (B.S. Physics) 
Ronald A. Blum (M.S. Physics) 
James G. Bowen (B.S. Physics) 
Roy W. Chien (B.S. Physics) 
Chang An Chou (M.S. Physics) 
Stratos Christianakis (B.S. Physics) 
Mark R.Coast (B.S. Physics) 
David F. Coppedge (B.S. Physics) 
Ara Dergevorkian (M.S. Physics) 
Hovsep V. Diratsouian (M.S. Physics) 
Leon N. Ellersieck (B.S. Physics) 
Robert P. Jones (B.S. Physics) 
Scott A. Kelley (B.S. Physics) 
Wayne S. Klippenstein (B.S. Physics) 
Ariel D. Mazzarelli (M.S. Physics) 
Hamid R. Mehdigholi (B.S. Physics) 
Roger S. Miller (M.S. Physics) 
Eric T. Moore (B.S. Physics) 
Garen Moradkhanian (B.S. Physics) 
Trina L. Ray (B.S. Physics) 
John G. Riend (B.S. Physics) 
Morris A. Shaw (B.S. Physics) 
Erkin Sidick (M.S. Physics) 
Gayle B. Trager (M.S. Physics) 
William K. Trubey (B.S. Physics) 
Koorosh Vasseghi (B.S. Physics, 1992 M.S. Physics) 
Ilmar A. Vitsut (B.S. Physics) 
Gene Voskoboynik (B.S. Physics) 
Marian G. Williams (B.S. Physics) 
Kuo-Fung Yen (B.A. Physics) 

Jay A. Adeff (B.S. Physics) 
Jeffrey J. Allen (B.S. Physics) 
Gregory K. Behringer (B.S. Physics) 
Steven E. Block (B.S. Physics) 
Taonian Chen (M.S. Physics) 
Paul T. Coleman (M.S. Physics) 
Thomas M. Garcia (B.S. Physics) 
Robert L. Hart (B.S. Physics) 
Natalie Y. Hsueh (B.S. Physics) 
Barton J. Landrum (M.S. Physics) 
Steven A. Larson (M.S. Physics) 
Joel L. Manes (B.S. Physics) 
Kirsten R. Meeker (B.S. Physics, 1995 M.S. Physics) 
Dawn Mayumi Mikkelson-Uno (B.S. Physics) 
Eric J. Mikkelson (B.S. Physics, 1992 M.S. Physics) 
Ahmadreza Mirkhani (B.S. Physics) 
Siyavash Mokhtarvaght (B.S. Physics) 
Matthew D. Oliphant (B.S. Physics) 
Daryl G. Parker (B.S. Physics) 
Hisham A. Qayum (M.S. Physics) 
David A. Rapkin (B.S. Physics, 1994 M.S. Physics) 
Jason M. Rinn (B.S. Physics) 
Douglas H. Roberts (B.S. Physics) 
Michael J. Sobelman (M.S. Physics) 
Ye Song (M.S. Physics) 
Stanley N. Taylor (B.S. Physics) 
Robert Teppper (B.S. Physics) 
Khachik Vakhordjian (B.S. Physics, 1992 M.S. Physics) 
Jon S. Wagner (B.S. Physics) 
Shaun D. Weatherford (B.S. Physics) 
Alonzo G. Wright (B.S. Physics)

Andre S. Afffleck (B.S. Physics) 
Michael D. Bird (B.S. Physics) 
Michael J. Britcliffe (B.S. Physics) 
Thomas F. Bulharowski (B.S. Physics) 
Eugene C. Cordero (B.S. Physics, 1991 M.S. Physics) 
Melanie L. Cwern (B.S. Physics) 
Scott P. Davis (B.S. Physics) 
Jack W. Deaton (M.S. Physics) 
Aret Demiral (B.S. Physics) 
Michael L. Ferris (B.S. Physics) 
Michael C. Ferris (B.S. Physics) 
Robert A. Fielding (M.S. Physics) 
Julie C. Foster (B.S. Physics) 
Gary Wane Glass (B.S. Physics, 1992 M.S. Physics) 
Bruce Curtis Goldstein (B.S. Physics) 
David R. Goldwater (B.S. Physics, 1990 M.S. Physics) 
Michael R. Hampton (B.S. Physics) 
Ramin Hooriani (B.S. Physics) 
Armik Khachatourian (B.S. Physics, 1990 M.S. Physics) 
Seung Sun Lee (B.S. Physics) 
Frederick Linkchorst (B.S. Physics, 1991 M.S. Physics) 
Steven J. Maas (B.S. Physics) 
Saul Moncada (M.S. Physics) 
Abel B. Ortiz (B.S. Physics) 
Christopher Persico (B.S. Physics) 
Ira E. Rubinson (B.S. Physics) 
James R. Schwagle (B.S. Physics) 
Jeffrey R. Sherk (B.S. Physics) 
Xiaosong Sun (M.S. Physics) 
Kintak Yue (B.S. Physics, 1991 M.S. Physics)

Larry E. Arbino (B.S. Physics) 
Gregory A. Binder (B.S. Physics) 
Douglas A. Blodgett (M.S. Physics) 
Yu Wen Chen (B.S. Physics) 
David H. Crosier (B.S. Physics) 
David S. Grant (B.S. Physics) 
Lloyd V. Johnson (B.S. Physics) 
Dominic E. Laico (M.S. Physics) 
Carol L. Martinez (B.S. Physics) 
Mamdouh Mikhail (B.S. Physics) 
Ali Motamed (M.S. Physics) 
Jeffrey E. Nelson (B.S. Physics) 
Parhat Niyaz (M.S. Physics) 
Christopher Stenland (M.S. Physics) 
Bradly H. Vanderhoof (B.S. Physics) 
Menghua Wang (M.S. Physics) 
James M. Webb (B.S. Physics) 
Daxin S. Zhuang (M.S. Physics) 
Qi Zou (M.S. Physics) 

Taj M. Bahadori (B.S. Physics) 
Todd A. Bruno (B.S. Physics) 
Varujan Cakaroglu (B.S. Physics, 1988 M.S. Physics) 
Dong Chen (M.S. Physics) 
Helen Choi (B.S. Physics)
Marshall I. Cohen (B.S. Physics) 
Angela M. Cookson (B.A. Physics, 1990 M.S. Physics) 
Robert F. Curtin (B.S. Physics, 1989 M.S. Physics) 
Feng Gao (M.S. Physics) 
Bill R. Gutierrez (B.S. Physics, 1989 M.S. Physics) 
Theresa M. Johnson (B.S. Physics, 1990 M.S. Physics) 
Ira D. Levin (B.S. Physics) 
Morris Lipschitz (B.S. Physics) 
Maurice Melamed (B.S. Physics) 
Stephen F. Motter (B.S. Physics) 
Jeffrey M Oseas (M.S. Physics)
Jeffrey L. Pomeroy (B.S. Physics) 
James M. Presser (B.S. Physics, 1992 M.S. Physics) 
Jeffrey R. Rada (B.S. Physics) 
Leila Tiongson Engnan (B.S. Physics) 
David W. Tracy (B.S. Physics) 
Xuan X. Wang (M.S. Physics) 
David K. Wong (B.S. Physics)

Steve R. Anderson (B.S. Physics, 1991 M.S. Physics)
Jeffrey Brill (B.S. Physics)
Brian L. Church (M.S. Physics)
Steven Manning Clark B.S. Physics)
James R. Crandall (M.S. Physics) 
Hossein Darvish (B.S. Physics) 
Glen A. Davis (B.S. Physics, 1989 M.S. Physics)
Francesco Dorigo (B.S. Physics) 
David R. Gleeson (B.S. Physics) 
Joseph R. Gonzales (B.S. Physics, 1988 M.S. Physics)
Richard W. Heiser (B.S. Physics) 
Scott A. Hudson (B.S. Physics) 
Mihae McDonnell (B.S. Physics) 
Scott Miller (B.S. Physics) 
Thomas W. Parslow (M.S. Physics) 
Edward L. Pavia 
Philip B. Skochinski (B.S. Physics) 
Russell Evan Sweeney (B.S. Physics) 
Allen T. Turco (B.S. Physics) 
Adrian E. Tylim (B.S. Physics) 
Xiufen Wang (M.S. Physics) 
Zhicheng Wang (M.S. Physics) 
Ping Yang (M.S. Physics) 

Fredrick D. Adcock (B.A. Physics)
Jeffrey H. Bowles (B.S. Physics)
Miguel A. Cortes (B.A. Physics)
Miguel A. Cortez (B.S. Physics)
Mark T. Cowan (B.S. Physics)
Thomas M. Crawford (M.S. Physics)
Elliott A. Eklund (B.S. Physics)
Sharon F. Fyfe (B.S. Physics)
Thomas W. Gingell (B.S. Physics, 1991 M.S. Physics)
Stephen S. Greenberg (B.S. Physics)
Gaston Groisman (B.S. Physics)
James E. Gunn (B.S. Physics)
Eric Huetter (B.S. Physics)
Kai E. Johnson (B.S. Physics)
Steve S. Kuo (B.S. Physics)
Daniel C. Mallery (M.S. Physics)
Edward F. McDonnell (B.S. Physics)
Sabra Miglia (B.S. Physics)
Jeffery D. Miller (B.S. Physics)
Thomas M. Morgan (B.S. Physics)
Frank D. Panaro (B.S. Physics)
Paul F. Rapp (B.S. Physics)
Peter G. Ringold (B.S. Physics)
S. Sadeghi-Garmaroudi (B.S. Physics)
Susan DeShong (B.S. Physics)
Greg Lee Slook (B.S. Physics)
David S. Smithey (B.S. Physics)
Mark A. Stalzer (B.S. Physics)
Kent W. Stork (B.A. Physics)
Elisa D. Varela (B.S. Physics)
Sharon F. Yarger (B.S. Physics)
Ming Jun Zhu (M.S. Physics)

Pamela A. Alsheskie (B.S. Physics)
Bruce E. Bozovich (B.S. Physics)
Richard L. Brown (B.S. Physics)
James T. Burdette (B.S. Physics)
Ronald Canevari (B.S. Physics)
Ting Chen (M.S. Physics)
James A. Davidson (B.S. Physics)
Bryce D. Deary (B.S. Physics)
Ray C. Delcher (B.S. Physics)
Steven G. Deshong (B.S. Physics)
John T. Donlin (B.S. Physics)
Douglas C. Frank (B.S. Physics)
Hong-Wen Jiang (B.S. Physics)
Jack R. McKeown (B.A. Physics)
Jeffrey M. Oseas (B.S. Physics)
Xiao-Wu Qian (M.S. Physics)
Joseph R. Ravella (B.S. Physics)
Kimberly Schumacher (M.S. Physics)
John P. Sepikas (B.S. Physics)
John G. Spalding (B.S. Physics)
Suzanne B. Walker (B.S. Physics)
Kevin D. Watts (B.S. Physics)
Roslyn C. Weinstock (B.S. Physics) 

William P. Ambrose (B.S. Physics)
Michael J. Carbone (B.A. Physics)
Thomas L. Carleton (B.S. Physics)
Ralfe F. Cookson (B.S. Physics)
Thomas M. Crawford (B.S. Physics)
Janis M. Dunn (B.S. Physics)
Brian D. Hadley (B.S. Physics)
Garnik Hairadetian (B.S. Physics)
Victoria Lewolt (B.S. Physics)
Daniel P. Minick (B.S. Physics)
Kathleen A. O'Neal (B.S. Physics)
Bradley N. Ream (B.S. Physics)
David B. Reynolds (B.S. Physics)
Steven P. Silver (B.S. Physics)

Ernest E. Ashford (M.S. Physics)
Gary P. Brown (B.S. Physics)
Joseph B. Comunale (M.S. Physics)
Linda M. Hermans (B.S. Physics)
Eric D. Kesselring (B.S. Applied Physics)
Donald Paul Klabunde (M.A. Physics)
Timothy A. Loftin (B.S. Physics, 1983 M.S. Physics)
Elsa M. Lowsky (B.S. Physics)
Vittorio Paolone (B.S. Physics)
Robert E. Rankin (B.S. Physics)
Raj K. Shori (B.S. Physics)
Neil R. Sorg (B.S. Physics)
Tom Symons (B.S. Physics)
Patricia A. Thomas (B.S. Physics) 

Bradley R. Atherton (B.S. Physics)
Kent E. Barbour (B.S. Physics)
Guy A. Brown (M.S. Physics)
William C. Farley (B.S. Physics)
Larry J. Gates (B.S. Physics)
Glen Holt Humphrey (B.S. Physics)
Gordon D. Kister (B.S. Physics)
Philip I. Klutch (M.S. Physics)
A. Douglas Meyer (B.S. Physics)
Vinaye H. Misra (M.S. Physics)
Shoji Miyasato (B.S. Physics)
Abdolmajid Navid (B.S. Physics)
Jeffrey K Shamblin (B.S. Physics)
Art Thurman (B.S. Physics)
Annette J. Vosse (B.S. Physics)
Rickey D. Williams (B.S. Physics)

Anthony J. Alfrey (M.S. Physics)
Karineh Avanessian (B.S. Physics)
Jeffrey A. Blau (B.S. Physics)
Miry Rabinov Davis (B.S. Physics)
Keith Dow (B.S. Physics)
Oliver T. Easley (B.S. Physics)
Charles R. Elliot (B.S. Physics)
Craig S. Fletcher (M.S. Physics)
Douglas Ganson (B.S. Physics)
Carl R. Ginnow (B.S. Physics)
David Lopiano (B.S. Physics)
George M. Mihalakis (B.S. Physics)
Darryl M. Satten (B.S. Physics)
Stephen R. Schaffter (B.S. Physics)
Neal B. Sulmeyer (B.S. Physics)
Louis K. Zeldin (B.S. Physics, 1981 M.S. Physics)

Donald L. Aldrich (M.S. Physics)
Don Allen Bolton (B.S. Physics)
Robert A. Braasch (B.S. Physics)
David T. Carrott (B.S. Physics)
Kim Eskenas (B.S. Physics, 1980 M.S. Physics)
Frans G. Krajenbrink (B.S. Physics)
Robert L. Richardson (B.S. Physics)

Robin A. Reeder (M.S. Physics)

Virgene L. Severson (B.S. Physics)
Dennis R. Willet (B.S. Physics)
Mark R. Zeller (B.S. Physics) 

Sandra Bailey (B.S. Physics)
Rickey J. Brown (B.S. Physics)
Philip E. Deutschle (B.S. Physics)
William C. Frasher (B.S. Physics)
John R. Hall (B.S. Physics, 1979 M.S. Physics)
Michele Hinnrichs (B.S. Physics, 1979 M.S. Physics)
Donald Lestrange (M.S. Physics)
Ross D. Olney (B.S. Physics, 1984 M.S. Physics)
Kenneth S. Sklaroff (M.S. Physics)
Thomas A. Stiritz (B.S. Physics)
William E. Tagliaferro (B.S. Physics)
Daryl M. Vanorden (B.S. Physics)

Bernard N. Adamson (B.S. Physics)
Steven E. Anticevich (B.S. Physics)
Sheung F. Chin 
Warren Chu (B.S. Physics, 1978 M.S. Physics)
Frank A. Davis (B.S. Physics)
Larry D. Hilburn (M.S. Physics)
Dale G. Humanic (B.S. Physics)
Richard W. Kolb (B.S. Physics)
Ward A. Lillback
Edward C. Martin (B.S. Physics)
Jill M. McGlynn
Jim Michelangelo (B.S. Physics)
Jill M. Mingus (B.S. Physics)
Mark H. Nelson (B.S. Physics, 1978 M.S. Physics)
Anton N. Paley (B.S. Physics)
Robin A. Reeder (B.S. Physics)
Mark J. Rogers (B.S. Physics)

Bruce M. Amberden (B.S. Physics, 1977 M.S. Physics)
Douglas H. Coffey (M.S. Physics)
James C. Hipskind (B.S. Physics)
Thomas E. McGuire (B.S. Physics)
Jim van Nieuwenhuyse (B.S. Physics)
Robert G. O'Rear, II (B.A. Physics, 1977 M.A. Physics)
Frederick W. Perry (B.S. Physics)
Donald E. Sherman (B.S. Physics)
Donald M. Sparks (M.S. Physics)
Russell J. Wallace (B.S. Physics)
William D. Wilder (B.S. Physics)
Nigel R. Wright (M.S. Physics) 

Jon R. Becker (B.S. Physics)
Daniel F. Blais (B.S. Physics)
Julio R. Blanco (B.S. Physics, 1978 M.S. Physics)
Gregory L. Book (B.S. Physics)
Leland B. Cotter (B.S. Physics)
John B. Downey (B.S. Physics)
Richard S. Edelman (B.S. Physics)
Ann L. Foster (B.A. Physics)
Charles F. Harding (M.S. Physics)
Robert C. Martin (B.S. Physics)
Daniel H. Rimmer (B.S. Physics)
Isaac I Rosen (B.S. Physics)
Michael P. Sveda (B.S. Physics)
Robert V. Taylor (B.S. Physics)
Edward W. Walls (B.S. Physics)
Gerald W. Weaver (B.S. Physics)

Steven R. Downer (B.S. Physics)
Marian S. Downey (B.S. Physics)
Richard A. Freed (B.S. Physics)
Jeffrey W. Landry (B.S. Physics)
David E. Lawson (B.S. Physics)

Lai W. Stan Leung (B.S. Physics) 
Charles R. Meyer (B.S. Physics)
Douglas H. Nelson (B.S. Physics)
Stuart R. Stampke (B.S. Physics)
Nigel Wright (B.S. Physics)

George J. Benedict (B.S. Physics)
Sheung F. Chiu (B.S. Physics)
Gerald B. Dulco (B.S. Physics)
Stewart A. Einstein (B.S. Physics)
John F. Evans (B.S. Physics)
Richard Freed (B.S. Physics)
Brent L. Hogue (B.S. Physics)
Thomas J. Humanic (B.S. Physics, 1974 M.S. Physics)
Michael S. Middleton (B.S. Physics)
John W. Powell (B.S. Physics, 1974 M.S. Physics)
Steven P. Rice (B.S. Physics)
Helen K. Worfolk (B.S. Physics, 1974 M.S. Physics) 

Lawrence A. Lipton (M.S. Physics)
Art Altshiller (M.S. Physics)
Lawrence J. Friedrich (B.S. Physics)
John C. Hendershot (M.S. Physics)
Daniel L. Kelly (B.S. Physics)
Roy W. Kenney (B.S. Physics)
Bruce N. Lazarus (B.S. Physics)
John R. Mosher (B.S. Physics, 1973 M.S. Physics)
Kenneth E. Raschke (B.S. Physics, 1973 M.S. Physics)
Ronald D. Stagers (B.S. Physics, 1973 M.S. Physics)

Theodore Harry Arakelian (B.S. Physics)
George G. Cuevas (B.S. Physics)
Alvaro F. Demarzi (B.S. Physics, 1972 M.S. Physics)
Ira Deyhimy (M.S. Physics)
Thomas J. Froelich (B.S. Physics)
Steven W. Griffis (B.S. Physics)
John W. Kampman (B.A. Physics)
Stephen R. Kerner (B.S. Physics)
Michael J. Lupton (M.S. Physics)
Dennis J. Martin (B.A. Physics)
Marcus L. Munger (B.S. Physics)
James M. Reynolds (B.A. Physics)
Robert Sutton (B.S. Physics)
Bradford D. Wallis (B.S. Physics)

Balazs Becht (B.S. Physics, 1971 M.S. Physics)
Daniel D. Evans (B.S. Physics)
Terence Glasspool (B.S. Physics)
Clinton D. Harper (B.S. Physics)
John E. McGinnis (B.S. Physics)
Earle I. Neill (B.S. Physics, 1971 M.S. Physics)
David H. Pace (B.S. Physics)
Herbert A. Robinson (B.S. Physics)
Thomas L. Smith (B.S. Physics)
Timothy E. Winesburg (B.S. Physics) 
Jerry A. Wilson (M.S. Physics) 

Alexander M. Budgin (M.S. Physics)
Dennis M. Cannon
Sim E. Fightmaster (B.S. Physics)
Robert D. Galletly (B.S. Physics)
Robert T. Johnson (B.S. Physics)
Henry A. Kampmeyer (B.S. Physics)
Roger G. Mooradian (B.S. Physics)
Gregory M. Sanger (B.S. Physics)
Bruce D. Wallace (B.S. Physics) 

Harry R. Chiles (B.S. Physics)
Leonard G. Hale (B.S. Physics)
Leonard N. Hale (B.S. Physics)
James R. Houston (B.S. Physics)
Robert T. Johnson (B.S. Physics)
Carolyn R. Mallory (B.S. Physics)
William E. Stoelzner (M.S. Physics)
Barry N. Warner (M.S. Physics)
Jerry A. Wilson (B.S. Physics) 

Michael G. Anderson (B.S. Physics)
Garin S. Bircsak (B.S. Physics)
William M. Greenberg (B.S. Physics)
John N. Mailliard (B.S. Physics)
Sandra S. Sawyer (B.S. Physics)
Philip L. Walker (B.S. Physics, 1968 M.S. Physics)

Charles R. Chilver (B.S. Physics)
George Buddy Flick (B.S. Physics)
Kenneth R. Matosian (B.S. Physics, 1966 M.A. Physics)
Lawrence J. Peters (B.S. Physics)

Peter F. MacDoran (B.S. Physics)
John C. Wilson (B.S. Physics)
Peter Zimmermann (B.S. Physics)

Robert I. Gellert (B.S. Physics)
David Jones
Kathleen H. Roberts (B.S. Physics) 

Nicholas E. Brown (B.S. Physics)
E. Allen Whedon (B.A. Physics)

Department Chair

Dr. Debi Prasad Choudhary

Live Oak Hall, Room 1128
18111 Nordhoff Street
Northridge, CA 91330-8268

Phone: (818) 677-2775

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Hours: M-F 8:00 AM-5:00 PM

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