Chemistry and Biochemistry

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Chemistry and Biochemistry

CSUN Cares: The Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, along with the university, is concerned about the well-being of our students. Please feel free to express those concerns when you obtain advisement this semester. In addition we have compiled a list of key resources here (or you can download our PDF). 




November 8, 2022: Dr Miao has published his latest research, titled "Chemical templates that assemble the metal superhydrides" in the journal Chem. The article is also featured in a CSUN Today story about Dr Miao, which additionally celebrates his Dreyfus award (see Nov 6 news, below). The department is proud of the deserved press about his work!

November 7, 2022: Dr Eller has published his first research paper since joining our department, with CSUN graduate student Jander Cruz as first author! The manuscript, titled "Evaluating nanoscale molecular homogeneity in extreme ultraviolet resists with nanoprojectile secondary ion mass spectrometry" is published in the November issue of the Journal of Micro/Nanopatterning, Materials, and Metrology. Congratulations, Dr Eller! The schematic above shows the nonuniform distribution of acid in exposed film (not to scale), resulting in incomplete deprotection of the resist and production of insoluble domains after post-exposure bake.

November 6, 2022: Dr Miao has been awarded the prestigious Henry Dreyfus Teacher-Scholar Award, only one of eight faculty to be awarded this year nation-wide! The award worth $75,000 and is based on Dr Miao's accomplishments in scholarly research with undergraduates, as well as a compelling commitment to teaching. Congratulations, Dr. Miao!

October 19-22, 2022: Our students were once again presenting their research at venues outside CSUN! Nicole Babayans (Melikyan lab) gave a 20 minute talk, titled "Acquiring a predictive power in cobalt-assisted, acid-induced C-C bond forming reactions" at the ACS Western Regional Meeting in Las Vegas (see photo, above).  Her talk was well-attended, and she received several questions from interested members of the audience after she finished.

August 21-25, 2022: Several students and faculty attended the ACS National Fall Meeting in Chicago. Poster presenters included graduate students Ryan Boggess and Leticia Reque from the Tamae lab and Matthew Green from the Teprovich lab, all of which had good traffic around their posters and lots of interest in their research. We want to highlight Leticia, in particular, because she won the Outstanding Poster Award from the Division of Chemical Toxicology.  Congratulations, Leticia!  


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