Chemistry and Biochemistry

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Chemistry and Biochemistry

CSUN Cares: The Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, along with the university, is concerned about the well-being of our students. Please feel free to express those concerns when you obtain advisement this semester. In addition we have compiled a list of key resources here (or you can download our PDF). 

May 24, 2021 - Virtual Graduation for the College of Science and Mathematics

May 24, 2021 - Virtual celebration of graduates and award winners from the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry



Sept 7, 2021: Dr. Teprovich has been awarded a Launching Early-Career Academic Pathways in the Mathematical and Physical Sciences (LEAPS-MPS) research grant from the National Science Foundation.  The two-year grant, worth $248,526, will support his proposal titled “Investigating Ion-transport and Dynamics in Composite Materials Containing Large Boron-rich Anion (LBRA) Salts.”  Preliminary results included in the proposal were collected by current graduate students Matthew Green and Katty Kaydanik and former undergraduate student Miguel Orozco.  Congratulations, Dr Teprovich!

June 30, 2021: Dr. Crowhurst's lab has another manuscript published, with co-authors Imex Aguirre-Cardenas, a former undergraduate in the lab, and Dane Geddes-Buehre, a former MS student. The paper, titled "Removal of disulfide from acid stress chaperone HdeA does not wholly eliminate structure or function at low pH" is published in Biochemistry and Biophysics Reports, September 2021 edition, and is available as an Open Access article online. (The above figure shows locations of largest spectral differences between wild-type HdeA and the mutant HdeA-C18S-C66S at pH 2, plotted on the structure. The magnitude of the difference is proportional to the backbone width and the depth of the green color).

June 4, 2021: Dr Miao has published his latest manuscript, titled "Multistep Dissociation of Fluorine Molecules under Extreme Compression" along with international collaborators, in the journal Physical Review Letters. Using a large-scale crystal structure search method based on first principles calculations, he and his collaborators found that, before reaching an atomic phase, F solid transforms first into a structure consisting of  F2 molecules and F polymer chains and then into a structure consisting of F polymer chains and F atoms, a distinctive evolution with pressure that has not been seen in any other elements. The figure (above) shows the discovered structure that consists of both F2 molecules and F chains.

June 1, 2021: We have received confirmation that Dr. Crowhurst has been promoted to full Professor and Dr. Miao has been granted tenure to accompany his promotion to Associate Professor last year. Both positions will be effective as of the start of the 2021-2022 academic year.  Congratulations, Drs. Crowhurst and Miao!

May 2021: Dr Eller has published his first paper since he joined the faculty at CSUN! The paper, a collaborative effort with scientists in Texas and Minnesota, is titled "Nanoprojectile Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry for Analysis of Extracellular Vesicles" and was published this month in the journal Analytical Chemistry. Congratulations, Dr. Eller!

May 3, 2021: Dr Ye has published a paper in the journal Chemistry Education Research and Practice. The paper, written with former undergraduate student Candido Moreno and current graduate student Duyen Pham is titled "Chemistry self-efficacy in lower-division chemistry courses: changes after a semester of instruction and gaps still remain between student groups" and is available online.

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