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Chemistry and Biochemistry

Message from the Department Chair


June 19, 2019: Dr Abrol has published a paper on his research, in collaboration with Xin Wen at CSULA and with CSUN undergraduate co-author Seyed Sajjadi. The journal article, titled "A beetle antifreeze protein protects lactate dehydrogenase under freeze-thawing" was published today in the International Journal of Biological Macromolecules. Shown above is Figure 5 from the journal article, showing a protein-protein complex of LDH tetramer bound to 8 DAFP1 protein molecules.

May 17, 2019: Congratulations to all of our new Chemistry and Biochemistry program graduates who were acknowledged at the departmental commencement reception this afternoon! Your hard work has finally paid off - we wish all of you the very best in the next stage of your careers. Be sure to stay in touch and keep us updated on your future endeavors!

May 17, 2019: Undergraduate students Lannah Abasi, Steven Ayoub, Nicole Babayans, Jessica Bergonio, Angela Cannata, Liam Contin, Nicole Gardon, Jonathan Hakimian and Jacqueline Matian as well as graduate students Jane Odango, Joseph Yoon and Cal Weeks were given departmental awards for excellence in their academic and research endeavors at the departmental commencement reception held this afternoon. Graduate student Benjamin Cordova was given the graduate student teaching assistant award, and we also honored Fred Fregoso, who received both college and university awards. Congratulations to all the awardees - the department is very proud of your accomplishments!

May 10, 2019: A record seven graduate students successfully defended their theses this semester: Nicolas Cena (Schrodi lab), Armen Nazarian (Minehan lab), Chris Sobbi (Garrett lab) and Aleksandra Volkova (Andersen lab) received their MS degrees in Chemistry, while Juan Camberos (Fischhaber lab), Fred Fregoso (Fischhaber lab) and Adam Mogul (Medh lab) earned their MS degrees in Biochemistry. Congratulations, everyone! 

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