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  • 2018 Case Competition Winners

    Congratulations to the 2018 Case Competition Winners!

Business Honors Program

The Business Honors Program is designed to recognize students who have demonstrated high academic standards and to encourage these students to continue their record of excellence as business and economics majors here at California State University, Northridge. The Business Honors Program offers rigorous courses that emphasize communication, critical thinking, complex problem solving, and teamwork skills. CSUN students who have fulfilled all the Business Honors requirements graduate with a degree in Business Honors as well as their primary business or economics degree.

Program Benefits

The Business Honors Program offers its students many benefits including:

  • Smaller class sizes
  • Challenging curriculum designed to develop critical thinking, creative problem solving, teamwork, leadership, and oral and written communication skills
  • Academic advising by Business Honors Program Director
  • Dedicated workroom for Business Honors Program students
  • Priority registration
  • Professional guest speakers
  • Opportunities to work with faculty, business partners, and Business Honors Program alumni on research and special projects
  • Networking, networking, networking 

Admission Requirements

Admission Requirements

Rolling admissions - apply and be admitted at any time during the year.

For admission to the Business Honors Program, students must meet the following minimum requirements.

For first-time freshman applicants, there are two options: one based on grades, the other on most recent SAT or ACT scores
1. GPA: A cumulative high school GPA of >3.7, OR
2. SAT or ACT: >90th percentile 

College student applicants must have a minimum cumulative college GPA of >3.5

Academic Requirements

Students must maintain a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.50.

Business Honors Program Requirements (18 units)

Track 1

1. Required Courses (6 Units) 

These Required Courses are in effect for students entering CSUN in the 2015 catalog year and later. Other students should consult with the Business Honors Program Director.

BUS 302BH - The Gateway Experience (3) 
BUS 497BBH - Capstone-Small Business Planning and Growth (3)

2. Seminar Requirement (3 units)

BUS 296BH A-Z - Business Honors Selected Topics (1)

3. Mentorship Requirement (3 units)

Select one from the following courses to fulfill the Business Honors Mentorship requirement.

BUS 498 - Honors Mentorship (3)
BUS 491CS - Small Business Consulting (3)
FIN 491ABH-CBH - Seminar in Financial Analysis (3)

4. Additional Business Honors Courses Requirement (6)

Each student must successfully complete 6 additional units of designated Business Honors (BH) courses not taken previously to satisfy the major. These courses may be elective or core classes. The following courses are usually offered annually:

FIN 303BH - Financial Management (3)
MGT 360BH - Management and Organizational Behavior (3)
MKT 304BH - Introduction to Marketing Management (3)
SOM 306BH - Operations Management (3)
FIN 352BH - Investments I (3)
FIN 355BH - Corporate Finance I (3)
FIN 491ABH-CBH - Seminar in Financial Analysis (3)

Track ll

Same requirements as above except students take 6 units of Seminar Requirement and 3 units of Additional Business Honors Courses Requirement.

Total units required in the Business Honors Program = 18


Each student must demonstrate active participation in activities prescribed by the Business Honors Program, such as tutoring 2 hours per week during fall and spring semesters.

Each student must receive academic advisement from the Business Honors Program Director each fall and spring semester. Academic Advisement is mandatory for all Business Honors Students.

Mentorship Opportunities

Students - Download a registration form
Faculty - List an opportunity

Current Listings Coming Soon!

Spring 2019 Course Offerings

Classes that can be used to meet the 3-unit seminars requirement (1-unit CR/NC seminars):  
Business Honors Ethics
F    9:00am-Noon
FIVE Fridays beginning:
(3/29, 4/5, 4/12, 4/19, and 4/26)
Business Presentation Skills
F    8:30am- 12:45pm
THREE Saturdays beginning:
(1/26, 2/2, and 2/9)
M   3:30-6:15pm
FIVE Mondays beginning:
(2/18, 2/25, 3/4, 3/11, and 3/25)
Upper-division business classes that can be used to meet the 12-unit BH-designated course requirement (3 unit classes):
Gateway Experience
T/Th  9:30-10:45am
Financial Management
T/Th  11am-12:15pm
Seminar in Financial Analysis
W  3:30-6:15pm
Seminar in Financial Analysis
W  3:30-6:15pm
Classes that can be used to meet the 3-unit Honors Mentorship requirement (3-unit classes): 
BUS 498
Honors Mentorship
Arranged with Faculty Mentor & BHP Director
BUS 491CS 
Small Business Consulting
M  3:30-6:15pm
Seminar in Financial Analysis
W 3:30-6:15pm
Seminar in Financial Analysis
W 3:30-6:15pm

Case Competition

The annual Case Competition hosted by the Business Honors Program offers Nazarian College students a unique opportunity to showcase their abilities and apply their functional, analytical, critical thinking, communication, and teamwork skills to a real-life business situation.The competition is open to all undergraduate Nazarian College students, and takes place in the spring semester.

Students work in teams to analyze an assigned case, and then present their analysis to a panel of business executives who serve as judges. In addition to offering students practice in case analysis, the competition offers invaluable networking opportunities.

Students have secured independent study projects, internships, and full-time employment through their participation in the Case Competition. First place winning teams are awarded a cash prize and also direct a sizable donation to the Nazarian College club, organization, or department of their choice.


Business Honors Program students offer free tutoring to David Nazarian College students by appointment Monday through Thursday from 9am to 5pm and Fridays from 9am to 4pm in JH 2119.

  • Two-business-day advance sign-up is required of students requesting tutoring.
  • Although tutoring is offered for a variety of classes, not all subjects are tutored every day.
  • Students may sign up for two hours of tutoring per subject, per week.
  • Students who receive tutoring should come prepared with textbooks, notes, and questions.
  • Tutors will not read and analyze cases or work on homework for students receiving tutoring.
  • Tutoring services are provided for BUS 302L but NOT for BUS 302. For example, if you did not pass the Statistics lower division exam in 302L, you may get tutoring for SOM 120. However, please do not ask tutors to do your case analysis.
  • To cancel an appointment, contact your tutor directly via text or email OR cancel from the confirmation email you received from Genbook. You may also send an email to (Do not call the Business Honors Office or Director as we do not have access to appointment information.)
  • Questions? Need to reschedule? Please email


Giving back to the community is an important part of the Business Honors Program. Business Honors Program students participate in a number of philanthropic activities throughout the year. These activities have included food and clothing drives for local charitable organizations, "Feed the Homeless" at the House of Blues, and the Los Angeles AIDS Walk. The Business Honors Program selects a number of organizations and events to work with each year.

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