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300-Level Business Core Registration

300-Level Business Core Registration Assistance

The Associate Dean’s office is able to provide registration assistance for the following courses below:

  • BUS 302L

  • BUS 312

  • BLAW 308

  • FIN 303

  • MGT 360

  • MKT 304

  • SOM 306

To receive registration assistance for any of these courses, students must meet one of the following criteria listed below:

  • Student has completed the lower division business core requirements (and reflects on their DPR), but are receiving an error message when trying to add an open section (on or after their registration appointment).


  • Student is currently in-progress of their final lower division business core requirements at a community college.


1)  Please confirm if you have either completed all or are currently enrolled in and on track to complete the final lower division business core requirements, shown below:

  • ACCT 220 - Introduction to Financial Accounting

  • ACCT 230 - Introduction to Managerial Accounting

  • BLAW 280 - Business Law I

  • ECON 160 - Principles of Microeconomics

  • ECON 161 - Principles of Macroeconomics

  • ENGL 205 - Business Communication in its Rhetorical Contexts

  • IS 212 - Information Systems for Business Users

  • MATH 103 - Mathematical Methods for Business (Grade of C or higher required)

  • SOM 120 - Basic Business Statistics (or MATH 140)

NOTE: If taken at a Community College, the above prerequisite courses require a grade of C or higher.

Please verify equivalencies of these courses if taken at a community college:   www.assist.org (Links to an external site.)


2)  Please click on the appropriate survey link below to make your request for UD Business Core classes. 

NOTE:  On the survey, you will be asked to select an available BUS 302L and BUS 312 section.  Once enrolled, you cannot switch sections.  The system will drop you out of all of your other 300 - Level Core Courses. We cannot guarantee your re-enrollment in any of the dropped courses.


Summer 2024

Survey Link: 


Please log-in using myNorthridge Portal Username and Password


Fall 2024

Survey Link:


Please log-in using your myNorthridge Portal Username and Password

 3)  After submitting your request and confirming your eligibility, you will receive a permission number for summer 2024 to add the class.  Permission numbers will only be valid for 24 hours after sent to your CSUN email address.  Please check your email often.

For Fall 2024 we will verify your enrollment in the lower division core classes (submit your transcripts from the community college).  Once verified we will work with the system.  We will email you, and you should be able to self-enroll. You will need to enroll in BUS 302L and BUS 312 before you can self-enroll in other core classes such as BLAW 308, FIN 303, MKT 304 MGT 360, and or SOM 306.

 4)  Lastly, proof of final grades (C or higher) will be required for those who are currently in-progress of final pre-requisites at a community college.  Unofficial transcripts will need to be sent to prior to the deadline and official transcripts will need to be sent to CSUN Admissions for official processing.

  • If a verified grade is not provided, you will be dropped from the course(s) by the second Friday of the semester.  No exceptions and no readmits to the course(s) until grades are transferred to CSUN.  Once transferred, you will then be able to enroll in the course(s) in the next semester.