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Portfolium for Faculty

Portfolium is CSUN's campus-supported online portfolio resource. An online portfolio, also known as an ePortfolio, is a space for students to share their images, video, and other multimedia projects and presentations. ePortfolios allow students to showcase specific skills and abilities to future employers beyond what a traditional resume can offer and help build an online presence. 

Why use Portfolium in the classroom?

Showcase of Coursework
Students can upload various forms of multimedia in one assignment entry to showcase coursework, skills gained, and other activities that contribute to their academic and professional success.

Professional Success
Less than 13% of people from the ages of 15 to 34 actively use LinkedIn, mainly due to their lack of work experience. By assigning coursework on Portfolium, faculty can help students to build their professional online presence and ease the transition to life after CSUN.

Authentic Audience
Posting coursework publicly on Portfolium adds value to student assignments by sharing their work with an audience of peers, faculty, and future employers who can leave feedback and comments.

Writing a summary of a class project posted on Portfolium prompts students to reflect and synthesize content of the project and what it means to them.

Interested in using Portfolium in your class?

You may schedule an in-class presentation where CSUN's Portfolium Team will explain the essentials of Portfolium and highlight the importance of an ePortfolio. We also offer departmental or large group presentations for faculty and staff as well as a one-on-one consultation if needed. 

To request an in-class presentation or a one-on-one consultation, please complete the Portfolium Presentation Request form. 

There are two types of presentations you may request:

  • 15 minutes - Full introduction to the Portfolium platform 
  • 30 minutes - Includes a hands-on demo, along with full introduction

Faculty Testimonials

"Portfolium is an innovative way for students to not only create a body of work over their college careers to show potential employers or future graduate programs, but also a way of building pride in their growth and accomplishments. My freshmen were very engaged in Portfolium and excited about sharing their projects and seeing what's possible with this opportunity to really showcase their work." - Lisa Riccomini, University 100 Asst. Course Director 

"This presentation was great! Thank you so much for coming to our class. I attended a U100 workshop and spread the word about Portfolium and your presentation!" – Tamra Loeb, Univ. 100 Professor

"Thank you for taking time to come speak to my students in UNIV 100. Students have shared positive feedback about your presentation. For instance, one wrote she was hoping to find an electronic portfolio that she had access to since high school." – Yoko Mimura, Univ. 100 Professor

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Office: Faculty Technology Walk-In Center 

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