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Panopto is CSUN’s online video platform for recording, hosting, and sharing video. With Panopto, you can simultaneously record video from a webcam, capture your screen, and audio from a microphone, or upload your own video files. Panopto also makes any classroom on campus lecture capture-ready. With Panopto's integration with Canvas, you can share your videos throughout your courses wherever you find the Rich Content Editor. Once in Panopto, you can share your videos with students, anyone in the CSUN community, and beyond. With Zoom Cloud Recording enabled, your meetings are automatically imported.

Panopto also auto-captions your videos and provides an intuitive editor to correct captions so they meet accessibility standards. Viewers can search for any word spoken or shown in any video using Smart Search technology.

Other features include: adding graded quizzes to videos with results posting to Canvas Gradebook, recording video using only a web browser, and sequencing content by creating playlists.

Need More Reasons to Use Panopto for Recording?

Panopto is software-based – it can be used on any computer, personal or university-owned to record new content. For pre-recorded, asynchronous materials, there might not be a better solution than Panopto. For faculty, you can create new content directly in Canvas and the recordings will appear automatically in the course. Logging into the Panopto system directly offers great flexibility for faculty and staff, for not only course content but also tutorials, training materials, information aids, and many other types of collateral.  

Moving forward into Spring 2021, Panopto will become our standard location for online recordings, ranging from live, synchronous Zoom classes to pre-recorded content to meetings. You should no longer share Zoom cloud recording links as they will expire at some point during the term. You should only share Panopto links. 


For more tools and resources, visit the Software Solutions for Teaching and Interaction page


How do I get started using Panopto?

What is the difference between Panopto and Panopto Capture Beta?

Panopto offers a recording application that can be downloaded to a computer running Windows or Mac OS. Panopto Capture Beta offers similar functionality, but runs entirely in your web browser and does not require a download. Video recorded with Panopto or Panopto Capture Beta can be stored, edited, and shared using the same methods.

Panopto Capture Beta is compatible with the following web browsers:

NOTE: At this time Panopto Capture Beta is not compatible with Apple Safari.


What are the system requirements to use the Panopto software?


Mac OS

Which web browsers are compatible with Panopto?

Panopto supports the latest versions of:

For more information on web browser compatibility, visit Panopto's Viewing Requirements Overview page.

NOTE: At this time Panopto Capture Beta is not compatible with Apple Safari.

Does Panopto have a storage limit? Are recordings deleted after a certain amount of time?

No and no. Panopto has unlimited storage, and videos are never deleted.

Can I edit videos in Panopto?

Yes, Panopto features a non-destructive editor, and while editing is not difficult, we suggest reviewing Panopto’s Getting Started: Edit a video tutorial. You may also contact the Faculty Technology Center at for more information on how to edit videos in Panopto.

How do I share files in/from Panopto in general?

When you “hover” your pointer over a recording, you will see a Share button. Click this, and more options will appear. You can share with specific people, anyone at CSUN with the link, anyone at CSUN, or to anyone with the link. For general use, we recommend sharing with anyone at CSUN with the link. For sharing with someone outside of CSUN (collaborators, faculty at other institutions, etc.) use the “Anyone with the link” option.

Does Panopto have a mobile app?

Mobile apps are available for both iOS and Android devices. You can also record and upload videos from your device's camera app.

Why isn’t Panopto Video in my course navigation menu in Canvas?

If you don’t see Panopto Video in your course navigation menu in Canvas, you will need to add it manually by scrolling down to Settings, selecting the Navigation tab, then dragging and dropping it into the course navigation menu. Be sure to scroll down and select Save for the change to take effect.

panopto video in course settings menu with a red box around it and red arrow pointing to navigation menu

How do I get my video files into Canvas?

If you begin recording directly in Canvas, the recording will end up in that course.

If you record in Panopto, immediately after finishing the recording, it asks you which folder to place the recording in (default: My Folder). Select your course from the menu and you’re all set.

 If you upload media to Panopto, you can choose which folder you’d like to upload to.


Where can I add video in Canvas?

You can add video anywhere the Rich Text Editor is available in Canvas (on a page, in a discussion prompt, etc.). There is a drop-down for Panopto that allows you to insert a video directly.

You can add video to a Module by selecting the + button in the Module, choosing External Tool, then selecting Panopto Video from the menu.

How do I get Zoom recordings into Panopto?

I record everything in Zoom. Do my Zoom recordings go to Panopto?

If you have Zoom Cloud recording enabled (under “Recordings” in Zoom settings), your recordings will be captioned by Zoom and imported wholly into Panopto.

Why do I have very short (30s, 1m, etc.) recordings all over the place?

If you have your Zoom meetings set to “join before host,” and to automatically record to the cloud, anytime someone joins, even for 30s, a recording will be produced. To avoid these, just uncheck the “join before host” box in Zoom.

What accessibility features does Panopto offer?

Panopto offers the following accessibility features:

Screen Reader Support

Panopto is regularly tested using JAWS, NVDA, and VoiceOver for Mac.

Keyboard Access

All of the features and functions in the web browser interface can be accessed using the tab key on your keyboard.

Viewer Captions

Captions are displayed for each video in the Captions tab and overlaid on the video or docked underneath. Captions for embedded video are overlaid at the bottom of the viewer.

Shortcut Keys

Viewers can control the player using the following shortcut keys:

  • Spacebar - Play/Pause Video
  • Left/Right arrow keys - skip 5 seconds back or forward
  • Up/Down arrow keys - adjust volume up or down
  • The M key - mutes and unmutes the recording

Captioning in Panopto

Are videos automatically captioned in Panopto? Are the captions good enough for students who need accommodations?

All videos are automatically captioned in Panopto. However, because they are computer-generated and not 99% accurate, they are not acceptable for students that need accommodations. If you have a student with an approved accommodation request please contact the National Center on Deafness (NCOD) on campus for support at

Can I correct captions in Panopto?

Yes. Only creators/owners can edit captions in Panopto. If you “hover” your pointer over a video and select Edit, then select Captions in the menu on the left of the screen, you can directly edit the captions while you watch the video.


Where can I get support?

Faculty can get support for Panopto through the Faculty Technology Center (FTC) by sending an email to or through the Faculty Virtual Walk-in Center. Panopto provides resources on their support page, and you can register to attend webinars on the Panopto Training page.

Free Panopto Training Webinars

Panopto invites beginners and new users to learn how to create, edit, and share videos in Panopto. These webinars are open to everyone at CSUN. Get up to speed in less than an hour! If you want to watch the webinar but can’t attend at the scheduled time, Panopto will send a link to the recorded version to everyone who registers.


Basic Training Webinars 

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Advanced Training Webinars

Wednesday, January 27th at 8:00 AM PST

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Trainer Office Hours

Every Friday at 10:00 AM PST

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