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FTC Tech Pantry

About the Tech Pantry

The Faculty Technology Center (FTC) has opened the Tech Pantry where faculty can find and use the equipment needed to create engaging and immersive content for their courses, including art and graphic design, innovative lecture recordings, immersive video experiences, and more!

To learn more or sign up to use one or more of these devices, please contact the Faculty Technology Center.

Current Tech Pantry Offerings


Best For



One by Wacom

Instructor using One by Wacom tablet

From learning to draw and edit photos to collaborating in online classes or completing academic assignments with natural handwriting, One by Wacom brings an easy-to-use digital pen to PC, Mac and most Chromebooks. Digital learning and creativity couldn't be easier.Checkout

Cintiq Pro Touch

Illustrator using Cintiq Pro tablet

Extended Display,
Enhance your creative process with the Wacom Cintiq Pro Touch 24 with world-class color performance on a large 4K screen with touch display. The Pro Pen 2 will help you achieve 4K illustrations in the studio, classroom or on the go.


In-Studio Use


instructor writing on lightboard

The Lightboard is a glass chalkboard pumped full of light that allows you to face students while writing on the board in a video. The Lightboard lets you draw highly visible sketches, notes and equations as you lecture, and capture good quality video without post-production editing. Watch the What is the Revolution Lightboard? video to learn more.

In-Studio Use

Insta 360 One R Camera

Insta 360 One R camera

360 video,
Action video,
The Insta 360 One R camera can transform on the fly from a 360 camera to a 4K 60fps wide-angle shooter. Select your subject with a tap or a voice command when shooting in 360. AI-powered tracking algorithm keeps your subject locked in center frame. Visit the Insta360 page for examples of 360 video.


Insta 360 One X2

Insta 360 One X2 camera

360 video,
object tracking,
stable horizon

Insta360 ONE X2 is the pocket camera crew. You can shoot stunning wide angle with the single lens steady cam mode, or unlock the creative freedom of 360 video in super 5.7K. Its super bright touchscreen gives a real-time 360-degree preview, while innovations like Pure Shot, HDR video achieve the best color accuracy and low-light performance in any consumer 360 camera. Watch the Introducing Insta360 ONE X2 video to learn more.


Insta 360 Nano

Insta 360 Nano camera

360 video,
video chat

The Insta 360 Nano camera features MultiView Shooting to output a conventional video clip with two or three camera angles and 360-degree video chat that gives any recipient, even someone without an Insta360 device or app, a live spherical view on the caller's end.
NOTE: Insta 360 Nano camera requires an iPhone or other iOS device.


Google Cardboard

360 video,
Immersive content

Simple Virtual Reality viewer​. Visit new places, play immersive games, fly through space and more. Learn more at the Google Cardboard website. Checkout

Blue Snowball Microphone

Blue snowball micrphone

Voice recording,
Looking to improve your audio recordings? The Snowball USB Mic allows you to do just that! This plug-and-play device connects to your computer using a standard USB connection and is ready to go out of the box, perfect for recording content on Panopto, Zoom video conferencing, or podcasting.  Checkout

Blue Yeti Condenser Microphone

Blue Yeti microphone

Voice recording,

Yeti condenser microphones produce pristine, studio-quality recordings with ease. Yeti microphones use four different pattern settings to record vocals for music, podcasts, Twitch streaming, YouTube videos and other formats in ways that would normally require multiple microphones.  Yeti features studio controls for headphone volume, pattern selection, instant mute and microphone gain. Checkout