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Confidential Box

Confidential Box logoConfidential Box is CSUN’s secure solution for storing Confidential Level 1 data.  

Confidential Box has the same features as myCSUNbox plus DUO multi-factor authentication. Multi-factor authentication (MFA), also known as dual-factor or two-step authentication, is the process in which a user accesses a computer system or software application using two forms of authentication to log in. 

If you are storing or planning to store confidential data in the cloud, you should use Confidential Box. You should not store unencrypted confidential data in your regular myCSUNbox account. Learn more about protected data here

Access Confidential Box via the button below and log in with your standard CSUN credentials. 

Be sure you are logged out of myCSUNbox before you log into Confidential Box. When you’re logged in, you will see a “Confidential Box” logo on the upper left. To share files in Confidential Box, all users must be classified as confidential data users. Files shared in your Confidential Box can only be shared with other CSUN Confidential data users. Additionally, syncing is not permitted. Users should also be connected to the campus network or VPN when accessing Confidential Box. 

How do I become a Confidential Box user?

To gain access to Confidential Box or if you have any questions, please open a support ticket or email the IT Help Center at

Can I print documents from Confidential Box?

If you have access to print Level 1 data, you can download the documents to a CSUN Level 1 workstation and print the documents.

Can I access Confidential Box off campus?

Confidential Box has been restricted to on campus or VPN. If you are off campus you will need to log into VPN.

Do I need to encrypt my documents before I upload them to Confidential Box?

No, Confidential Box encrypts the documents for you.

Will deleting or adding a file to myCSUNbox affect files in Confidential Box?

No. Creating, updating, or deleting a file on one Box account has no effect on the other. 

How do I create a myCSUNbox File Request Form?

A myCSUNbox File Request gives you a secure way to request and obtain files. myCSUNbox uses an easy drag and group graphic interface, you create a web form that enables you to:

  • Securely request files
  • Gather information with Metadata which can be set as required/optional 
  • Enables extra security and email validation with link settings 
  • Kickoff work flows 

To view the steps on how to make your own Box file request please visit CSUN's Creating a myCSUNbox File Request webpage.