• Department of Linguistics / TESL

Faculty & Staff

The Department of Linguistics/TESL is an interdisciplinary department. The department is headed by a full-time member of the CSUN faculty who serves as Department Chair. There is an advisory committee of faculty drawn from a number of schools and programs on campus. Their role is to make department policies, review curriculum, mentor students, and teach courses in the department. These faculty are shown below along with a listing of their areas of academic expertise.


NameEmailAreas of Specialization
Joseph Galasso
Lecturer in Linguistics

first and second language acquisition, syntax, morphological processing
Shadi Ganjavi
Lecturer in Linguistics
shadi.ganjavi@csun.edusyntax, syntax/semantics interface, language development, Persian linguistics
John Gides
Lecturer in Linguistics
john.gides@csun.edufirst and second language acquisition, neurolinguistics, TESL pedagogy and assessment, language contact, language change
Anna Dina L. Joaquin
Dept. of Linguistics/TESL
anna.joaquin@csun.edufirst and second language acquisition, neurobiology of language, TESL pedagogy, language socialization, discourse analysis
Bessie Karras-Lazaris
Intensive English Program

Intensive English Program administration, ESL teacher training
Stephanie Hyeri Kim
Dept. of Linguistics/TESL analysis, interactional linguistics, TESL/TEFL pedagogy, qualitative methods
Sharon Klein
Dept. of English & Dept. of Linguistics/TESL
sharon.klein@csun.edulinguistic theory, syntax, educational linguistics, child language development
Rebecca Litke
Dept. of Communication Studies
rebecca.litke@csun.eduethnography and communication, qualitative methods, intercultural communication
Kenneth V. Luna
Dept. of Linguistics/TESL
kenneth.luna@csun.eduphonetics, acoustics, laboratory phonology, intonation, prosodic typology, Sp_ToBI, Caribbean linguistics, Romance linguistics
Terrie Mathis
Lecturer in Linguistics
terrie.mathis@csun.edudiscourse analysis, pedagogical grammar
David J. Medeiros
Dept. of Linguistics/TESL
david.medeiros@csun.edusyntax, syntax/semantics interface, morphology, Polynesian linguistics
Laura Ruth-Hirrel
Dept. of Linguistics/TESL
laura.hirrel@csun.edusemantics and pragmatics
Ana Sánchez Muñoz
Dept. of Chicana/o Studies

language variation and change, sociolinguistics, language contact, bilingualism, Spanish in the U.S.
Tineke Scholten
Lecturer in Linguistics

phonology, language disorders, linguistics and education
Wendy Snyder
Lecturer in Linguistics
wendy.snyder@csun.eduJapanese linguistics, Japanese pedagogy, first language acquisition
Hyung-Jo Yoon
Dept. of Linguistics/TESL
hyungjo.yoon@csun.edusecond language writing, task-based language teaching, corpus linguistics, and computational text analysis