Civic and Community Engagement Program


The Civic and Community Engagement Minor is designed for students who wish to apply what they learn at CSUN toward making positive changes in their communities and the world. The Minor provides skills for students to successfully integrate their academic and professional interests with their desire to create healthy, humane, successful, and sustainable communities. Students will combine their CSUN coursework and collaborations with community partners to become informed and active members and leaders in society. 

The Civic and Community Engagement Minor also can contribute to the professional development of students. Those who complete the Minor will have at least two significant experiences with community service, fieldwork, or internships with non-profit or government organizations. Such experiences can help students make important contacts in their chosen professions, and students can develop important skills for collaborating respectfully and responsibly with others. Such experiences also clarify how topics from the classroom can be applied in real-world circumstances.

The Minor’s requirements make it easy to integrate with a student’s General Education courses or the student’s major or minor. Students who select the Civic and Community Engagement Minor should not be delayed in meeting their graduation requirements. 

Academic Advisement

Students should plan their courses for the Minor in coordination with the Civic and Community Engagement Director. To schedule an advising appointment, call 818-677-4110 or send an email to