HERE Center

HERE Center Methodologist

Social & Behavioral Science Research Project Consultant

The HERE Center Methodologist is a new human resource for the center and the university. As part of this new position, Dr. Jose H. Vargas is available to consult students, faculty, and other personnel in developing and completing research projects in the social and behavioral sciences.

The center methodologist offers the following consultation services:

  • Formulation of project goals and research questions/hypotheses
  • Construction of project-relevant theoretical/logic models and frameworks
  • Development of quantitative research projects (e.g., traditional statistical models, meta-analysis, and social network analysis)
  • Development of qualitative research projects (e.g., focus groups and interviews)


The center methodologist is available between 12:00PM and 4:00PM on Mondays or by appointment. Fill out the form below to request a consultation with Dr. Vargas today!

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