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Summer Bootcamps

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Summer 2020 Bootcamp Videos

Once you have a handle on the core technology for virtual instruction we recommend watching one or more of the Bootcamp videos to improve upon your skillset. The Summer 2020 Bootcamps provided an in-depth review of key concepts for virtual instruction from basic to advanced skills addressing all aspects of the theme. Links to videos for each day are listed below.

Assignments (Levels: 101, 102)

The Assignments Bootcamps cover the core tools used at CSUN to assess student work.

Topics include: Creating an assignment, Submission types, Plagiarism review (Turnitin), Graded discussions, Importing assignments & discussions, Group assignments, SpeedGrader, Rubrics, Accommodations, External tools.

Watch Assignments 101 video

Watch Assignments 102 video

Quizzes (Levels: 101, 102, 103)

The Quiz Bootcamps cover the nuances of the Quiz feature in Canvas. 

Topics include: Creating the quiz, Quiz types (Quiz vs. Survey, Graded vs. Ungraded), Quiz details and options, Question types, Question groups, Question banks, Importing quizzes, LockDown Browser, Respondus Monitor, Moderating the quiz (Providing extra time, extra attempts, different dates), SpeedGrader, Adjusting grades, Quiz analytics, Quiz log.

Watch Quizzes 101 video

Watch Quizzes 102 video

Watch Quizzes 103 video

Engagement (Levels: 101, 102, 103)

The Engagement Bootcamps cover both synchronous and asynchronous technologies to help students remain engaged with the course content. 

Topics include: Discussions, Student-to-student interactions, Teacher-to-student interactions.

Watch Engagement 101 video

Watch Engagement 102 video

Watch Engagement 103 video

Lecture Recording (Levels: 101, 102, 103)

The Lecture Recording Bootcamps cover everything you need to know to produce high-quality video for your class. This will include areas that have an instant impact on the quality of your videos like sound and lighting to things you may have never considered like interactive videos. 

Topics include: Audio and video recording, Editing, Lighting, Annotations, Green screen, Captioning, Interactive video, YouTube.

Watch Lecture Recording 101 video

Watch Lecture Recording 102 video

Watch Lecture Recording 103 video

Virtual Meetings (Levels: 101, 102)

The Virtual Meeting Bootcamps will help you create stellar online lectures using Zoom. These Bootcamps start with the basics so you don’t need to know anything to join. By the time you finish you will know how to set up your workspace to look good on camera, protect your class, and have a dynamic presentation. 

Topics include: Scheduling meetings, Pro Account meetings & Webinars, Cameras, Lighting, Starting meetings, Downloading Zoom applications, Annotations, Captioning, Virtual backgrounds, Breakout rooms, Engagement, Securing against Zoom-Bombing, Remote control, Recording, Audio, Demonstrating with a tablet, Third-party tools, Settings and classroom management, Attendance, Scheduling, Account levels, FERPA best practices

Watch Virtual Meetings 101

Watch Virtual Meetings 102

Learning Analytics (Levels: 101, 102)

The Learning Analytics Bootcamps will help you leverage the data you have about your students to make content decisions, perform early interventions, engage the class more meaningfully, and utilize the technology intended to facilitate these processes. 

Topics include: Overview, Ethical use of learning analytics, Sources, Canvas analytics and data points, SpeedGrader, Structuring your course to leverage analytics, Canvas Insights, Review demo course, Survey data, Portfolium data, Using data to define and communicate markers of success, Tableau dashboards, Survey tools.

Watch Learning Analytics 101 video [Link coming soon]

Watch Learning Analytics 102 video [Link coming soon]