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Faculty & Staff

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Full-Time Faculty

Part-Time Faculty

Apparel Design & Merchandising

  • Cynthia Williams, Ph.D.

Consumer Affairs

Family Studies

Interior Design

  • Bryan Angara
  • Tatyana ZHugo a

Nutrition, Dietetics, & Food Science

Nutrition & Dietetics

Food Science

  • Jullie Ellis, M.S.


Office Staff

Yi 'Tom' Cai, Ph.D.

Department Chair



Ann Ballesteros, B.S.

Financial Coordinator



Madelynn Esquivias Garbett, M.S.

Instructional Support Assistant: Apparel Design & Merchandising, Interior Design

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Karen Sabbah, M.A.

Office Coordinator



Cindy Salazar, B.S.

Instructional Support Assistant: Textiles and Nutrition, Dietetics & Food Sciences