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Department Chairs and Deans Retreat


Event Agenda

Event Booklet: Academic Affairs Organizational Charts


Presentation Slides for: 

Policies every academic leader should know: Undergraduate and graduate student policies

Elizabeth Adams, Associate Vice President, Undergraduate Studies                                    

Maggie Shiffrar, Assistant Vice President, Graduate Studies


Strategic and informed leadership: Promoting a positive department culture by addressing challenging behaviors                              

Michael Spagna, Dean, Michael D. Eisner College of Education

Kristina de la Vega, Associate Vice President, Human Resources


If you don’t know where you are going, you’ll end up someplace else: The future of scholarship at CSUN

Crist Khachikian, Associate Vice President, Research and Graduate Studies

Faculty from the Council of Faculty


A big thank you to the following people/units who helped us make this year’s retreat a success:
  • President Dianne F. Harrison
  • Provost Yi Li
  • All of the session presenters (Elizabeth Adams, Maggie Shiffrar, Michael Spagna, Kristina de la Vega, Crist Khachikian, Sean Flanagan, Claire White, Jon Stahl, Provost Yi Li, and Colin Donahue).
  • Jill Smith, Chief of Staff
  • Jon Stahl, Chair of the Council of Chairs and Chair of CTVA
  • Chief Anne Glavin and her team in the Department of Public Safety
  • A second thank you to Dean Michael Spagna for going along with the DPS drill
  • The entire staff at the Orange Grove Bistro
  • Jeff Noblitt and his team in Marketing and Communications
  • Dawn Ellerbe from Intercollegiate Athletics/Matty Matador
  • Acasola (student acapella group)
  • Keith Holland and Dominic Little for the IT support
  • Dean Ken Lord and his staff for using the DNCBE space