Employee Wellbeing

Jolene Koester Team Award


The Jolene Koester Team Award is bestowed to a team of staff members and/or administrators who collaborated on a project, process, or other initiative that was completed and/or implemented, and that brings about significant positive change that improves performance or productivity and/or reduces costs or enhances the image of the University.


Nominations must provide specific examples of how the nominated team and their project achieved the following:

  1. Advances the University’s mission.
  2. Consisted of clear goals and created distinctive results/solutions that improve performance or productivity, and/or reduce costs, or enhance the image of the University.
  3. Created a team environment of successful collaborative relationships that promoted communication, trust, and respect for differences.


Teams must consist of a minimum of three individuals. Membership can constitute a work group or departmental unit, or be cross-departmental or cross-divisional.


The successful team will be awarded up to $1,000 with discretion on its use. This award is intended for the benefit of the team (e.g., new equipment, travel to professional conferences, purchase of software, or other materials that will assist the team). Alternatively, at the discretion of the team, they will be recognized at a special reception in their honor hosted by the President and attended by Vice Presidents and departmental representatives. They will be honored at the annual Staff Service and Recognition of Excellence event.


View the Staff Service Awards & Recognition of Excellence Awards Home Page to access the current Nomination Form and view deadline information.