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December 31st Pay Day – Pay Warrant Pick-Up

October 29, 2014

Payroll Icon

Important information regarding December Pay Warrant Pick-Up:  Employees who do not participate in Direct Deposit and want to pick up their pay warrant during the campus closure are required to complete and submit the Pay Warrant Pick-Up Request form no later than December 17, 2014.

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Payroll Basics  Payroll Schedules  SOLAR HR

Payroll is responsible for providing accurate and timely payment for all employees of the University based on documentation provided by Departments relative to hours, absences and employee status. Payroll also maintains and monitors employee leave credit records and Excess Plus/Minus balances; processes deductions and tax with-holdings; and notifies employees of accounts receivable in the event of an over-payment.

Operations is responsible for the analysis, accuracy, integrity and maintenance of student, staff and faculty employment records. This department processes transactions including temporary employment appointments/renewals; salary changes; position management for staff and faculty; status changes and separations.