Employee Wellbeing

CSUN Sustainability Award


The CSUN Sustainability Award is presented to an employee who goes above and beyond their work duties to support CSUN’s Sustainability Priority. The recipient embodies what it means to be a sustainable Matador through the implementation of operational, business, educational and/or behavioral changes. The successful honoree demonstrates passion, creativity and commitment to improve sustainability at CSUN.

Through the CSUN Sustainability Award, we express our sincere appreciation to an individual who expands sustainability knowledge and practices within their area of influence. This person fosters a culture of responsible environmental and social stewardship.


Nominations must provide specific examples of how the nominee has demonstrated the following:

  1. A strong awareness of campus sustainability goals and desire to drive change in their area to accomplish these goals.
  2. Promoted CSUN’s sustainability programs and shared how others can  effect change in their areas.
  3. Taken initiative to integrate sustainability into an operational or business practice that reduces environmental impact.


The recipient will be a regular full or part-time employee, including permanent or long-term temporary staff member or administrator of the University with a minimum of one year of service.


The CSUN Sustainability award recipient will receive a $300 award and a commemorative award. They will be honored at the Annual Staff Service and Recognition of Excellence event.


View the Staff Service Awards & Recognition of Excellence Awards Home Page to access the current Nomination Form and view deadline information.