Employee Wellbeing

CSUN Student Assistant of the Year Award


The CSUN Student Assistant of the Year Award is granted annually to one student employee in a Student Assistant classification, who demonstrates exceptional contributions to their department by their outstanding skill-set, professionalism and quality of work and service to the University community.


Nominations must provide specific examples of how the nominee has achieved the following:

  1. Reliability & Professionalism –
    1. Demonstrates trustworthiness and dependability. Accepts all assignments and always performs as expected in a timely manner; keeps on schedule. Holds self-accountable for achieving results.
    2. Demonstrates professional character, respect, ability to prioritize and communicate proactively both in person and by phone. 
  2. Initiative & Contribution –
    1. Demonstrates initiative. Seeks out assignments and assumes greater responsibility.
    2. Demonstrates creativity and imagination when contributing suggestions for change/improvement.
  3. Community & Campus Service –
    1. Demonstrates qualities of compassion and service to a specific person, department or organization, or perform a variety of volunteer activities or service throughout the year.


Recipients must be a student enrolled for at least 6 units; work an average of 10 or more hours per week as a Student Assistant during the academic periods; maintain at least an overall 2.0 GPA; and have been employed in their current department at least 1 year at the time of nomination.


Recipient of the CSUN Student Assistant of the Year Award will receive a $100 cash award and a commemorative award. They will be honored at the Annual Staff Service and Recognition of Excellence Award event.


View the Staff Service Awards & Recognition of Excellence Awards Home Page to access the current Nomination Form and view deadline information.