Academic Advisement

Thank you for visiting the College of Engineering and Computer Science, Student Services & EOP Satellite (CECS SSC/EOP). 

New Fall 2023 Student Advisement Information

Attention: If you are a Fall 2023 (Non–EOP Admit) First Time Freshman (FTF)please contact the HUB advisement assistance: 
(818) 677-2900 https://www.csun.edu/thehub

Which students do we assist?

The CECS SSC/EOP Center advises Engineering and Computer Science students who fall under the following categories (if required to be advised by the Center, students will receive an advisement invitation via their CSUN email account):

  • 3rd Semester Freshmen Fall 2022 FTF admits with 30 or more units in good standing - referred by the HUB
  • Academic Notice (aka Probation) - continuing students (Fall 2022 FTF after May 2023) 
  • Continuing Students with 59 or less units in good standing
  • EOP Students from point of entry as First Time Freshman or First Time Transfer through graduation regardless of academic standing or units earned.
  • Disqualified Students need to contact the department of their major to complete the Conditions for Readmission paperwork prior to meeting with the Student Services Center/EOP
  • First Time Transfers are highly recommended to be advised, but not required.  Students will be invited to attend a General Workshop Session on Advisement and Major Information.  Invitations will start going out in Late-May.  Please WAIT for the invitation BEFORE contacting the Center. 

NOTE:  Continuing Juniors and Seniors in good standing DO NOT meet with our Center for advisement (unless you are in one of the categories above). 

Continuing Juniors and Seniors in good standing are recommended to use their Degree Progress Report (DPR), Degree Road Maps, Major Web and Catalog Information to plan course enrollment.  For advisement assistance, students are encouraged to contact their major department – See contact information below:

Civil Engineering and Construction Management: (818) 677-2166
E-mail: cecm@csun.edu

Computer Science: Phone: 818-677-3398
Email: compsci@csun.edu

Electrical & Computer Engineering: Phone: (818) 677-2190
Email: ece@csun.edu

Manufacturing Systems Engineering & Management: Phone: (818) 677-2167

Mechanical Engineering: Phone: (818) 677-2187
Email: medepartment@csun.edu