Academic Advisement

Do you need academic advisement to plan your next semester or ensure you are on the right path towards graduation?  Call of visit our office today!

Student Services Center/EOP Satellite (SSC/EOP)

  • Location:  Jacaranda Hall, Room 1501 (1st floor)
  • Office Number:  (818) 677-2191
  • Office Hours:  Monday - Friday, 8:30 AM - 5:00 PM

Student Advisement Requirements

  • All College of Engineering and Computer Science students are required to seek advisement prior to registration.
  • This is the time to spend with your advisor to ensure you are on track with your educational goals and planning a realistic schedule for the following semester.
  • Your academic advisor can also answer many other types of questions that you may have or refer you to the appropriate resource (list of advisors provided below)

Which students do we Advise?

Our SSC/EOP office advises all engineering and computer science students who identity as the following: 
  • I am a First-Time Freshmen
  • I am a Continuing Student who is enrolled in 100 and/or 200 level courses in your major (if in 300 level & higher must contact their department.  Numbers are listed at the end)
  • I am an EOP Student
If you identify with one of the following, you DO NOT meet with our office.  Instead, contact your major department office (department office numbers are listed at the end)
  • I am on Academic Probation
  • I am Academically Disqualified
  • I am enrolled in Junior-level major courses (300-level major courses)

How to prepare for your advisement appointment.

Prior to your SSC/EOP Advisement, complete the forms listed below that identify with your academic level and bring them to your appointment.  Failure to do so will result in having to reschedule your appointment to a much later date.
Click below for more details and appropriate materials:
Click HERE to access the supplemental advisement materials

Who is your Academic Advisor?

-- Construction Management
-- Computer Information Technology

-- Civil Engineering
-- Computer Science

-- Computer Engineering
-- Electrical Engineering

GRETA POLITE |  greta.polite@csun.edu
-- Mechanical Engineering
-- Engineering Management
-- Manufacturing Systems Engineering 

CECS Department Office Contact Information
The following department offices are located on the 4th floor of Jacaranda Hall:
  • Computer Science and Comp. Information Technology 
    Jacaranda Hall 4503  |  (818) 677-3398
  • Civil Engineering and Construction Management
    Jacaranda Hall 4507  |  (818) 677-2166
  • Electrical & Computer Engineering
    Jacaranda Hall 4509  |  (818) 677-2190
  • Manufacturing Systems Engr. and Engr. Management
    Jacaranda Hall 4510  |  (818) 677-2167
  • Mechanical Engineering
    Jacaranda Hall 4513  |  (818) 677-2187