Summer Academic Enrichment Program

Animation and Cartooning

Course/Material Fee: $25.00

Regular Animation: If you're a fan of animated shows on Cartoon Network or Disney Channel and you've ever thought about creating your own, then this is the class for you! Students will design a character, create a storyboard, and learn “pencil test” animation techniques. Participants will also explore the history of the medium and different styles including classic hand-drawn animation, anime, and today's computer-driven 2D animation. 
Advanced: Are you an animation aficionado? Do you love to draw, develop stories, use computer programs like Flash, or all of the above? If you've always wanted to the chance to work as part of a team and develop your own animated TV show, Advanced Animation is the class for you! This class skips the basics of animation and immediately allows students to express their creative ability freely while learning more advanced animation techniques and concepts. Students are expected to have completed the basic Animation & Cartooning class or demonstrate equivalent experience.