Summer Academic Enrichment Program


Enrichment Program

(Available for students in Grades 6-9)

Our middle school classes were designed to reinforce and enhance the curriculum of the regular academic school year. In addition, we also offer unique and creative classes that strive to cultivate positive personal characteristics of students so that they develop a love for learning. Since all learning has gone virtual with the advent of the COVID-19 pandemic, SAEP has transitioned our classes to a virtual platform. However, we believe that students interacting with their teachers and peers on a daily basis is a necessary and positive way to experience online learningWith this in mind, we will offer 30+ fifty-minute classes. Students may choose up to four. Our hope is that students will find classes they want to explore and are passionate about, facilitating a pleasurable summer learning experience.

The Enrichment program fee is $150/ class. Please see our course offerings and schedule for details. 

Academic and Elective Program

(Available for students in Grades 9-12)

Our high school programs have two distinct paths. 

Academic: A student can enroll in one year-long equivalent course for high school credit. This course can earn your student 10 units (please check with your student's home school for pre-approval). Each course is $475 (plus any associated lab/ textbook fees). Classes will meet virtually from 9:00 - 2:00, Monday-Friday, with teacher-led direct instruction, with a ten-minute lunch break.

Elective: The 2021 Virtual Elective program allows a student to enroll in four 50-minute classes. These courses do not earn students' credit but are designed to provide students an advanced preview and additional skills in upcoming classes they may be taking in the fall. These classes are $150 each.