Summer Academic Enrichment Program


Enrichment Program

(Available for students in Grades 6-9)

Our middle school classes were designed to reinforce and enhance the curriculum of the regular academic school year. In addition, we strive to cultivate positive personal characteristics of students so that they develop a love for learning. With these two goals in mind, we offer three, eighty minute classes in more than 30 different classes. Our hope is that students will find content areas they want to explore and are passionate about facilitating a pleasurable, summer learning experience.

The Enrichment program fee of $62 0includes the tuition for all three classes (plus any associated lab fees). If you choose to do so, for an additional $250, you can extend your child's day until 2:00, through the Ad-Venture classes offered this summer. 

Academic Program

(Available for students in Grades 9-12)

Our Academic Program is for high school students seeking to earn high school credit during the summer, or to prepare them for those "tough" classes with our preview courses. The Academic Program has two distinct paths. A student can either enroll in one year-long course, or two semester long courses. When completed, the year-long course will have earned your student 10 units. Each year-long course is $750 (plus any associated lab fees).

The semester long courses are either credited classes, or preview classes. The credited classes have been approved through LAUSD as UCOP accepted A-G courses. All LAUSD high schools are required to accept these courses as meeting your student's high school graduation requirements.

The preview courses do not earn students credit, but rather are designed to give students an edge in upcoming classes they may be taking in the fall. New this year, we are allowing parents to register students for just one period, and pay $350 for the one-period class (plus any associated lab fees).