Summer Academic Enrichment Program

Program Descriptions

Enrichment Program 

(Available for students in Grades 6-9)

Our middle school classes were designed to reinforce and enhance the curriculum of the regular academic school year.  In addition, we strive to cultivate the personal characteristics of the student so that they develop a love for learning. With these two goals in mind, this year we are transforming our traditional enrichment program to one that provides new choices for our students. Instead of offering two, two-hour classes, we will now have three, hour and twenty minute classes. We believe this will sharpen student’s focus and increase their engagement, as well as giving them additional subject matter choices. By having more choices, it increases the probability that your student will find content areas they are passionate about and make summer learning a pleasurable experience.

The Enrichment program fee of $650 includes the tuition for all three classes (plus any associated lab fees). If you choose to do so, you can extend your child's day until 2:00 p.m., through the Ad-Venture classes offered this summer.

Academic Program 

(Available for students in Grades 9-12)

Our Academic Program is for high school students seeking to earn high school credit during the summer. The Academic Program has two distinct paths. A student can either enroll in one year-long course, or two semester-long courses. When completed, the year-long course will have earned your student 10 units.  The semester long courses earn the student 5 units each. All of the Academic classes (with the exception of the Math Preview and the SAT Prep courses) have been approved through LAUSD as UCOP accepted A-G courses. All LAUSD high schools are required to accept these courses as meeting your student's high school graduation requirements.