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Congressman Sherman Secures $1 Million for CSUN StrengthUnited to Support Children’s Mental Health Programs

April 4, 2022

StrengthUnited members at a display table

From CSUN Today:

StrengthUnited, a chartered center of California State University, Northridge’s Michael D. Eisner College of Education, has received $1 million from an appropriations request made by Rep. Brad Sherman (D-Sherman Oaks) included in the recently signed $1.5 trillion government spending bill. The center provides 24/7 crisis intervention, long-term support and prevention for individuals of all ages who experience or witness child maltreatment, domestic violence and sexual assault.

“We’ve seen a tragic surge in the number of children needing additional assistance,” said Sherman, who represents California’s 30th District, which includes the university. “That’s why this funding is vital, as it will be used to address the long-term mental health needs of children in the San Fernando Valley arising during the COVID-19 pandemic and recovery. I’m pleased that my colleagues in the House and Senate have voted to fund this project.”

StrengthUnited and the Mitchell Family Counseling Clinic, which merged last December, provide training, service learning and community engagement for undergraduate and graduate students at the CSUN campus and broader community. Campus partners include the Teaching and Learning Consortium and SIMPACT.

“We are grateful to Congressman Sherman for his continued support and commitment to CSUN and StrengthUnited, which has a profound impact on the lives of young people and families in our communities,” said CSUN President Erika D. Beck. “Our university goes well beyond our campus borders, as we reach out to provide hope, healing and resources for those who need it most. I’m deeply appreciative of Congressman Sherman’s longstanding partnership with CSUN and for the shared work to address the prevention of domestic violence.”

The proposal demonstrates the power of a campus multidisciplinary approach to helping communities thrive, according to StrengthUnited Executive Director Kim Goldberg-Roth. “This funding will support our continuous efforts to create equitable conditions for those affected by violence, and more importantly, it aims to address the educational losses children experienced during the pandemic from increased maltreatment and decreased class time,” said Goldberg-Roth.  “We hope to continue our work in building pathways to campus for the most disenfranchised in our community.”

The congressional appropriation for StrengthUnited was part of 500 California projects totaling $760 million funded by the federal bill for local universities, roadways and parks.