Valley Trauma Center

Campus Care Advocate

The Campus Care Advocates are a confidential resource on campus for students, faculty, and staff who wish to discuss any matters related to sexual violence, relationship abuse, domestic violence, gender based harassment, and stalking. The campus care advocates can provide emergency and ongoing support services for victims/survivors, including crisis support; advocacy and accompaniments to medical, legal, law enforcement, and Title IX proceedings; counseling; assistance with campus accommodations; and referrals to community resources. The care advocates, Danielle Samuel and Alexandra Strait, can be reached at a confidential line 818-677-7492 and are located in Room 201 of the Klotz Student Health Center on the CSUN campus. They can also be reached via email at or

Message from the Advocate

As alumni of California State University, Northridge, we are committed to creating a safe space on campus where survivors of sexual assault, interpersonal abuse, harassment and stalking can discuss their experiences, concerns and options. We seek to provide trauma-informed care that is culturally attuned to who you are. We understand that after an assault or abuse, survivors may experience short- and/or long-term effects, and as care advocates we are dedicated to providing support services that meet the unique needs of every survivor. We want to emphasize to the campus community that no one should have to navigate these issues on their own, and that there is no shame in seeking support. If you feel that you or someone you know might benefit from these services, no matter what the circumstances or timing of your experience, please reach out to us. There is help available.