Valley Trauma Center

Education & Prevention Programs

Strength United builds peaceful and healthy relationships between individuals and families and within communities. To this end, we are committed to ending all forms of violence wherever, whenever and with whomever, it occurs and providing resources for Violence Prevention Programs and Interventions.

Current Violence Prevention Programs:

Preventing Child Sexual Abuse

A program for professionals, parents, and community which provides:

  • Outreach to communities, schools, and agencies
  • Education about the signs of child sexual abuse
  • Guidelines for addressing sexual issues and preventing abuse
  • Steps for helping your abused child

Project DATE

A peer education program in rape prevention conducted in collaboration with the Counseling Center at California State University, Northridge, which:

  • Recruits students to serve as peer educators
  • Educates students about rape and sexual assault
  • Addresses the social and psychological culture of rape
  • Provides training in conducting educational presentations to prevent rape
  • Implements educational programs to university, college, and high school audiences
  • Organizes campus activities to highlight sexual assault prevention

For more information on Project DATE, please see their website by clicking here.

Project DATE - MenCARE

What is Men CARE?

  • Care is a peer education program and strives to bring awareness, in a non-threatening way, to how socialization and gender norms can promote violence.  While MencARE focuses on healthy masculinity, all genders are welcome to join.

Why Men CARE?

  • Sexual Assault and Rape remain a serious health and safety issue on campuses across the nation.
  • When all genders work together to promote a violence-free society, rape and sexual assault won't exist.
  • Men are critical allies in ending sexual assault. MenCARE is where people identifying as a male can join together with others and take action to end sexual violence.

Advantages of Joining

1.     Receive priority registration.

2.     Enhance your resume or graduate school application.

3.     Gain valuable leadership experience.

4.     Boost your public speaking, communication, and presentation skills.

5.     Gain in-depth knowledge of rape, rape culture, and sexual assault.

6.     Be able to help others and respond non-judgmentally.

Contact Project DATE- MenCARE

  • Phone: 818-787-9700
  • Email:
  • On the CSUN Campus

Safe Dates is a week-long curriculum designed for middle-school students to improve their relationships with their parents, friends, community, etc. StrengthUnited facilitates this curriculum in the San Fernando and Santa Clarita Valleys. 

Students who complete the "Safe Dates curriculum have a better understanding of how to navigate their friendships and relationships by practicing consent, notice red flags of unhealthy behaviors, how to handle rejection, and much more. 

If you are interested in having Safe Dates in your classroom or have any questions, please contact Omar Cardenas at