Elementary Education

Curriculum & Instruction Option

Fall 2020 Application Deadline:
August 1st, 2020

Curriculum & Instruction Option

Graduate Advisor: Dr. Joyce Burstein

For teachers interested in developing their skills to teach all curricular areas, this option is one choice for consideration. This degree pathway is designed for teachers interested in honing their knowledge and teaching skills to promote achievement for all elementary students through coursework designed to broaden knowledge of curriculum design models for K-6 classrooms, develop leadership skills as a teacher leader in understanding the context of K-6 education, acquire research skills in the disciplines specific to Elementary Education, and develop skills and knowledge in effectively working with students and families of diverse cultural backgrounds. Courses include the study of the research in each discipline and pedagogy to prepare elementary teachers to teach 21st century skills. This degree pathway is designed for a cohort of 18-22 graduate students. Each cohort will be customized to provide a selected focus on state curriculum frameworks and standards, while also addressing district or school-specific goals to provide a rich, meaning-centered curriculum that engages all students.

Program Prerequisites
Admission to the University
Preliminary teaching credential
For Classified Status
Undergraduate cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher or a University-approved aptitude test for graduate study (GRE or MAT)
Successful completion of the Upper Division Writing Proficiency Examination
Note: A co-requisite for the M.A. in Elementary Education Degree is a clear teaching credential.
Degree Requirements
*First course in all program options
Elementary Education Department core courses (9 units)
*EED 601 Curriculum, Instruction and the Reflective Teacher
EED 602 Applying Technology to Curricular Goals
EED 610 Research In Education
Required Courses (18 units)
EED 633 Seminar in Elementary School Language Arts Education
EED 638 Seminar in Elementary School Social Studies Education 
EED 643 Seminar in Elementary School Mathematics Education 
EED 648 Seminar in Elementary School Science Education
EED 649 Elementary School Interdisciplinary Arts Education
EED 675 Bilingual/Multicultural Teaching Strategies
Electives (3 units)
EED 621 Language, Literacy and Culture across the Curriculum
EED 626 Literacy Instruction for English Learners
EED 681 Classroom Management
EED 651 Curriculum and Assessment
EED 684 Action Research
Culminating Experience
EED 697 Directed Comprehensive Studies OR
EED 698 Thesis or Graduate Project