Elementary Education

Academic Programs

Multiple Subject Credential

The Multiple Subject Credential Program is primarily designed for persons who desire to teach in self-contained classrooms typical of elementary schools and to provide effective instruction for English learners of diverse backgrounds in diverse classroom settings. The Multiple Subject Credential program includes foundational coursework in educational psychology, working with diverse populations, and teaching students with disabilities; a full complement of discipline-based methods courses; and field experience and two semesters of student teaching in elementary schools within the university’s service area.

Master's Degree

The Master of Arts in Education program with a specialization in Elementary Education is designed to prepare the elementary teacher for advancement as master teacher, supervising teacher, subject matter teaching specialist, or department chairperson. Four components comprise the program of studies: core requirements and program option requirements in curriculum and instruction and Language and Literacy. The Program: Total 30-32 units

Curriculum & Instruction Option

For teachers interested in honing their skills to teach all curricular areas, this option is a strong choice. The integration of visual and performing arts into the traditional subject matter disciplines such as language arts, social studies, science, and mathematics is unique to this option. Through a focus on the various state curriculum frameworks and standards, teachers come to understand the need for all students to be active learners engaged in a rich, meaning-centered curriculum.

Language & Literacy Option

This option places emphasis on developing a comprehensive and balanced approach to literacy instruction and assessment. Teaching students to be strategic readers, writers, and evaluators of their own literacy progress is emphasized. Through the Literacy Center on campus, CSUN students work in two practical settings to assess and assist children experiencing difficulty in developing literacy skills.