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The option in Real Estate covers both theoretical and practical aspects of real estate and provides an academic foundation for careers in real estate. Students completing the option in Real Estate will have satisfied most of the educational requirements for the California real estate broker’s license and the real estate appraiser’s license.

Our mission is to equip students with the academic knowledge, problem solving, analytical and professional skills in the areas of business law, business ethics, and real estate necessary to achieve their personal and professional goals.  

Option in Real Estate

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Real Estate major and minors FAQs

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Real Estate major and minors FAQs

What’s new?

Beginning Fall, 2016, BLAW 412 (Real Estate Practice) will be joined by BLAW 414 (Real Estate Principles) and BLAW 416 (Real Estate Appraisal) as new courses.

Beginning Fall, 2018, BLAW 418 Real Estate Market & Development will be required for majors and an elective for minors.

I’m a Real Estate major or minor from a previous catalog year and I still need to take FIN 338 (Real Estate Principles) or FIN 439 (Real Estate Valuation). Will they continue to be offered?

No.  Instead, you’ll need to petition to substitute BLAW 414 in place of FIN 338 and BLAW 416 in place of FIN 439.  You’ll find a request for substitution/waiver form here

I’m a Real Estate major from a pre-2015 catalog year. Can I substitute BLAW 368 (Law, Business & Ethics) in place of the upper division communication course requirement?

                Yes – just submit the course substitution/waiver form referenced above.

I’m a Real Estate major from a pre-2015 catalog year. Can I substitute BLAW 412 (Real Estate Practice) in place of the Real Estate Elective Breadth and Perspective course requirement?

                Yes – just submit the course substitution/waiver form referenced above.

Are all of the required classes offered every semester?

No! We unfortunately cannot offer every class every semester. Here is the current rotation of classes, subject to enrollments and budget restrictions:

Fall: BLAW 280, 308, 368, 412, 414, 418 and 481

Spring: BLAW 280, 308, 368, 416, 481 and FIN 433

BLAW 453 rotates among Fall, Spring and Summer

I’m a real estate agent or broker licensed in California. Can I petition to waive BLAW 412 and FIN 338/BLAW 414?

Yes – it may be possible to waive those classes. Submit the course substitution/waiver form referenced above and be sure to include a copy of your license along with evidence of real estate experience significant in type and duration.  You could do this by showing evidence of your experience or, for example, having your broker or supervisor write a letter attesting to the type and level of your experience. If granted, this would waive the required class but would not affect the units necessary to graduate.

How can I find out the most recent information about the programs?

 “Like” and “Follow” CSU Northridge Department of Business Law on Facebook  and “Follow” CSUN COBAE Department of Business Law on LinkedIn – this is the quickest way for us to get information to you.

I’m interested in becoming a real estate agent or broker. Where can I get more information?

Licensing is done through California’s Bureau of Real Estate. We have a summary of information here:

I already have a bachelor’s degree. Can I get a minor in Real Estate?

                No. You can’t earn a minor unless you’re a matriculated student in a degree program. 

I’m interested in getting a real estate degree.  How strong is CSUN’s program?

Frankly, we’re great.  Our business programs are accredited by AACSB (an achievement obtained by only 5% of the world’s business schools).  Our real estate classes are staffed by professors who have excellent academic credentials combined with real world experience.  We have a vigorous speakers’ series and opportunities for internships.  CSUN has one of the largest real estate program of the 23 CSU campuses and is represented on California’s Real Estate and Land Use Institute. 

Planning your schedule - Beginning Fall 2016

Please note that beginning this Fall, 2016 a couple of courses change. FIN 338 Real Estate Principles becomes BLAW 414. FIN 439 Valuation becomes BLAW 416 Real Estate Appraisal.  If you're under an old catalog, just submit course substitution requests, which you'll find here: 

You'll find prerequisite and other information in the catalog, here:  For planning purposes, note that we're offering BLAW 414 and 416 Fall, 2016 but will probably have insufficient enrollment to offer them again until the following Fall, 2017. Likewise, BLAW 412 Real Estate Practice, will probably be offered once annually, in the Spring.  We plan to offer BLAW 368 Law, Business and Ethics both semesters and BLAW 453 Negotiation in the Spring. 

Course Sequence for BSBA Real Estate (.pdf) 

California Course Requirements for eligibility to sit for Real Estate Broker's and Agent's exams

BrokerCSUN Equivalent
1. Real Estate Practice; andBLAW 412
2. Legal Aspects of Real Estate; andBLAW 481
3. Real Estate Finance; andFIN 433
4. Real Estate Appraisal; andFIN 439 or BLAW 416
5. Real Estate Economics or Accounting; andBLAW 418,  ECON 310 or ACCT 220
6. Three courses from the following list: 
Real Estate PrinciplesFIN 338 or BLAW 414
Business LawBLAW 308 or BLAW 280
Property Management 
Real Estate Office Administration 
Mortgage Loan Brokering and Lending 
Advanced Legal Aspects of Real Estate 
Advanced Real Estate Finance 
Advanced Real Estate Appraisal 
Computer Applications in Real EstateIS 312
Common Interest Developments 
Note: If both Real Estate Economics and Accounting are taken,          only two courses from the above group are required. 
AgentCSUN Equivalent
1. Real Estate Principles, andFIN 338 or BLAW 414
2. Real Estate Practice, andBLAW 412
3. One course from the following list: 
Real Estate AppraisalFIN 439 or BLAW 416
Property Management 
Real Estate FinanceFIN 433
Real Estate EconomicsECON 310
Legal Aspects of Real EstateBLAW 481
Real Estate Office Administration 
General AccountingACCT 220
Business LawBLAW 308 or BLAW 280
Mortgage Loan Brokering and Lending 
Computer Applications in Real EstateIS 312
Common Interest Developments 

Note: This information is intended to aid students in preparing for licensure but we are not authorized to make representations on behalf of the California Bureau of Real Estate. Kindly consult them for more information.

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