Business Law

Minor in Business Ethics

The Business Ethics minor allows students the opportunity to pursue studies in business ethics and corporate social responsibility and to integrate these studies into their careers.

This minor is not available for students majoring or minoring in Business Law. 

Total Units to Complete Minor: 18-19

Required Course (9 Units)

BLAW 370. Corporate Social Responsibility (3) 

BLAW 372. Ethical and Legal Aspects of Managing Technology (3) 


Select One Course from the Following: 

BLAW 368. Law, Business & Ethics (3) 


PHIL 305. Business Ethics and Public Policy (3)

Elective Course (9-10 Units)

Students must successfully complete 9 additional units from the following courses: 

BLAW 374. Business Ethics: Personal Decision-Making and Success (3) 

JS 318. Applied Jewish Ethics (3) 

PHIL 360. Ethical Theory (4) 

RS 361. Contemporary Ethical Issues (3) 

RS 370. Religion and Ecology (3)