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Black Scholars Matter (BSM)

What is Black Scholars Matter (BSM)?

Welcome! The Black Scholars Matter (BSM) initiative is a transformative, merit and financial-based college program aimed toward scholars who embrace the Black experience. With the goal of cultivating Black Excellence by connecting students to essential resources, providing education, a holistic eco-system of support, and promoting service to the community, we aim to enhance the pipeline of college-going students who are committed to advancing racial equity and Black culture at CSUN.​

Please visit this page again in the coming months as the program evolves. For more information please email us

Why Apply?

We are engaging, empowering, and educating the future change-agents & leaders by creating an ecosystem of holistic support. Find out more about the holistic support for scholars below.

Students applying to the Black Scholars Matter program can submit their intent to apply now!

Black Scholars Matter at CSUN



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Welcome to the Scholarly Sip where we discuss more than just the drip, education, and good fellowship. Sit back and unwind as we brew the inner workings of your mind. The Scholarly Sip is a podcast, a team of Black scholars, and above all else, a family of the future’s Black leaders. Tune in as we engage the masses through the exploration of Blackness in the contemporary form. We are educating. We are empowering. And, we sip!

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Before Applying

Make sure to:

  1. Be in the 2023 graduating class of one of our three partner schools in the Los Angeles area.
  2. Apply to CSUN and get admitted.
  3. Submit BSM Intent to Apply and the Formal Application (including Personal Portfolio & two letters of recommendation). 
  4. Submit the FAFSA Application by March 1, 2023.

Scholars Chosen for BSM Must:

  1. Apply and gain admission to CSUN
  2. Maintain 15 units and full-time enrollment status at CSUN, while in the program
  3. Engage in campus and community activities within the BSM program 
  4. Attend and participate in BSM program meetings
  5. Perform required community engagement hours (10) each semester 
  6. Mentor future BSM students

Check Out These Interview Resources!

Steps to a Successful Black Scholars Matter Interview

The Black Scholars Matter team has assembled a few tips to get you interview-ready! Check out our interview resources below.



Black Scholars Matter Interview Preparation Video


Frequently Asked Questions

Am I eligible for the Black Scholars (BSM) Matter program?

Are you a student attending Hamilton, Birmingham Charter High School, or Taft Charter High School? Are you planning to apply to CSUN?

If yes to both, you are eligible for the Black Scholars Matter (BSM) program.

When can I apply?

 The window to submit your application for Black Scholars Matter (BSM) is closed until the next 2024-2025 cycle.

*Note: To be considered for the program students must also apply to CSUN. And, to become a recognized BSM scholar you must gain acceptance to CSUN.

What are the benefits of joining BSM?

Benefits include: 

  • A transformative four-year college experience.
  • Priority Registration for Class Enrollment.
  • Holistic ecosystem of Mental, Intellectual, Physical, & Spiritual (MIPS) support.
  • Personalized advisement, mentoring, and tutoring.
  • Study space rooted in cultural design that promotes a sense of belonging.

How does BSM offer holistic a.k.a. Mental, Intellectual, Physical, & Spiritual (MIPS) support?

Holistic support is a growing ecosystem of engagement, education, and empowerment for BSM scholars. In addition, students have access to a plethora of campus resources that are offered in conjunction with our campus partners to ensure that students are actively engaged through every aspect of the college experience.  This encompasses mental, intellectual, physical, & spiritual (MIPS) support.

Mental - Support is provided through counseling via the University Counseling Services, the Black Scholars Matter team, and Campus Partners.

Intellectual - Support is offered via a cohort community of active learners, through which mentorship, advisement, and tutoring services enhance our scholars’ intellect.

Physical -  Support is available to scholars via engaging activities offered in partnership with CSUN Outdoor Adventures, the University Recreation Center and the Department of Recreation and Tourism. We also encourage healthy eating and nutrition by providing workshops as well as other activities in partnership with the College of Health and Human Development.

Spiritual - Support is provided through empowering, self-reflective activities and meditation taught in collaboration with the CSUN Oasis center.

In addition to the minimum requirements, what other factors will increase the student’s chances of getting selected for the BSM program?

Each BSM applicant will be scored and selected based on academic background, financial background, community engagement activities, a personal statement, a personal portfolio, a letter from a member of their community, a letter from their teacher, and an individual interview.

Will my child be able to work on/off-campus while participating in BSM?

Once chosen for the BSM program, scholars can work on campus for up to 10 hours during the semester. Off-campus work hours are not regulated by CSUN or BSM. 

*Note: Scholars are still expected to perform their MANDATORY 10 hours of community service per semester to remain eligible for the program.

How is the BSM scholar’s program different from a regular scholarship program?

We invest and support the whole person (Mentally, Intellectually, Physically, and Spiritually) on the road to BLACK Student Success and Academic Achievement. The BSM program places emphasis on the fact that we are a SCHOLARS program, not a scholarship program.

*Note: BSM will only cover tuition that is not covered by a University Grant, CAL Grant, or other financial aid offers.
SM will cover all related student mandatory fees, such as the Student Health Services and the Associated Student fee.