Math 210  Spring 2010


Instructor: Mary Rosen                                                  

Office: 408 Santa Susana Hall (formerly: Faculty Office Building)
Phone: 818 677-7791
Office hours: to be announced

Goals: Math 210 is devoted to elementary school mathematics. The main goal is to enable you to gain a solid knowledge of arithmetic and number systems. Additional goals of the course are to teach you: (i) how to present the material in the simplest, clearest way, (ii) the appropriate sequential order for developing mathematics skills, (iii) what elementary school students will find difficult and what errors they are likely to make, and (iv) how each topic helps advance the mathematical level of the students.


These books will also be useful after you begin your teaching career.

Dates of Exams

(Dates will be posted here)


Free tutoring for Math 210 students is available in the Math Tutoring Center in Live Oak, starting the second week of semester, during the following times:

M,T,W,Th 10:00-5:30
  F  10:00-3:00
Sat  11:00-2:00

Final Exam Practice Problems

Click here for Practice Problems for the Math 210 Final Exam (pdf file).
Solutions are posted here by section:

Section A
Section B
Section C
Section D
Section E
Section F
Section G
Section H

Some References and Tools

"High Achievement in Mathematics: Lessons from Three Los Angeles Elementary Schools"

Student Practice Problems for grades 1 to 8 (Algebra I) California Math Standards

Solving Algebra and Other Story Problems with Simple Diagrams: a Method Demonstrated in
Grade 4–6 Texts Used in Singapore
by Sybilla Beckmann

Integer Arithmetic  An alternative to the development of integer arithmetic in Chapter 8 of Elementary Mathematics for Teachers

Overhead Slides from The Winning Equation An inservice program for Grade 4-7 teachers

Student behavior, academic dishonesty, university policies:

Please arrive on time and avoid leaving early.  No text messaging.  Cell phones should be turned off during class.  Please be aware of the University's Student Conduct Code available at:

Homework Assignments and Solutions:

General instructions:
Avoid unnecessary writing. Make your answers short and clear.  When appropriate, use the "list format," described in problem 2c on page 13 of the textbook.


Week 1

Carefully read the preface and "About the Textbook" pages iii to x.

Read Sect. 1.1, and do Problems 1-8
Read Sect. 1.2,  and do Problems 1-6
Read Section 1.3,  and do Problems 2, 3, 5, 7, 8

For more help with Roman numerals, use this Roman Numeral Calculator
For help with Egyption numerals click here:
For help with Problem 6 in Sect. 1.2, see this Introduction to Base 5, which includes the solution.

Solutions to homework problems:

Section 1.1 solutions
Section 1.2 solutions
Section 1.3 solutions

Week 2

Read  Section 1.4, and do Problems 2a, 3, 4, 5, 7
Read Section 1.5, and do Problems 1a, 2cd, 3a, 4, 6, 7a, 8, 9
Read Section 1.6, and do Problems 1, 3abc, 4, 5, 6
Read Section 1.7 carefully

Solutions to homework problems:

Section 1.4 solutions
Section 1.5 solutions
Section 1.6 solutions

Week 3

Read Section 2.1, and do Problems 1-5 
Read Section 2.2, and do Problems 1, 2, 4
Read Section 2.3, and do Problems 2b, 4, 5

Solutions to homework problems:

Section 2.1 solutions
Section 2.2 solutions
Section 2.3 solutions

Week 4

Read pages 57 to 62, Section 3.1 and do Problems 2, 4ab, 5
Read Section 3.2, and do Problems 1, 2, 3, 5a, 7
Read Section 3.3, and do Problems 5, 6
Read Section 3.4, and do Problems 4-7
Read Section 3.5, and do Problems 3-6

Solutions to homework problems:

Section 3.1 solutions
Section 3.2 solutions
Section 3.3 solutions
Section 3.4 solutions
Section 3.5 solutions

Week 5

Read Section 3.6, and do Problems 1d, 2ad, 3, 4
Section 4.1, and do Problems 5, 6, 7, 8, 9c, 10
Section 4.2, and do Problems 7ab, 8, 9, 11

Solutions to homework problems:

Section 3.6 solutions
Section 4.1 solutions
Section 4.2 solutions

Week 6

Read "Solving Algebra and Other Problems with Simple Diagrams..." by Sybilla Beckmann

Section 4.3, and do Problems 1, 2, 3, 4abc, 5ab, 6, 7, 8ab, 10
Section 5.1, Problems 4 - 7
Section 5.2, Problems 1, 3, 4
Section 5.3, Problems 1ab, 2, 3, 4, 5

Solutions to homework problems:

Section 4.3 solutions