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iPad 101: The Basics - iOS 4.3

Step 6: Set up “Find My iPhone”.

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The Find My iPhone app is a security feature which may help you track your iPad in case you misplace it.

In order to use the Find My iPhone app, you first need to set up a Mobile Me account. The procedure to do this is similar to Step 3: Set up your Mail.

Make sure you are on the default iPad screen (Fig. 5) by pressing the Home button. Tap on the Settings icon and then on Mail, Contacts, Calendars. On the right of the screen, tap on Add Account. From the listed systems, choose mobile me (Fig. 42). mobileme

When asked (Fig. 43) apple id requested, type in your Apple ID and password. Tap on Next when done. Accept the License Agreement by swiping up bottom to top arrow and then tapping on Agree and then Agree again. You will be asked to allow MobileMe to use your location. Allow it by tapping on OK. Tap on Save when done. You will be taken back to the Mail, Contacts, Calendars settings screen.

When your account has been created, press the Home button. Start the Safari browser. Go to the Google search bar in the upper right hand corner and type “find my iphone”. Tap on the Search button on the keyboard when done. The first link (Fig. 44) find my iphone should take you to the itunes.apple.com store. Tap on it.

You should see Fig. 45. find my iphone Tap on FREE and then on INSTALL APP. The app should download and install (Fig. 46). find my iphone icon


Once the app has installed, tap on it. When asked (Fig. 47) mobileme sign in, enter your Apple ID and password. Tap on the Go (Fig. 29) button on your keyboard when done. After a slight delay, you will be given a map with the approximate location of where you are currently located. Press on the Home button when done to go back to the default iPad screen.


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