Welcome to The Grammar Lab and Conversation Swap and Language Exchange in the Learning Resource Center!

Please note: all of our tutoring has been moved to an online format due to COVID-19. Please visit our Canvas page to access our online tutoring services. 

The LRC Grammar Lab tutors are available for 50-minute online tutoring sessions via Zoom conferencing. You must first be enrolled in the LRC Online Canvas Site. 


See below for instructions.

 Log in to your CSUN account by entering your User ID and Password when prompted.

  1. Enroll in the LRC Grammar Lab Course.

  2. After successfully enrolling, click “Go to the Course.”

  3. Once on the Homepage, you may view the schedule, how-to page, and more.

The Grammar Lab offers one-on-one tutoring for students who want to polish their written English. If you need help with sentence fragments, subject-verb agreement, punctuation, or any other aspect of written English, our grammar consultants can help you. We know that it can be hard to catch your own mistakes, so looking at your writing with a trained consultant can help you learn to write sentences that clearly express your thoughts.

Bring a sample of your written work to your online tutoring session, and we'll help you to identify your own most common mistakes. Then, we'll help you to understand underlying grammar rules and teach you to proofread your own papers. During your session, you will practice correcting your own mistakes, and we'll provide you with help sheets for common grammatical errors.

Since we know that perfecting writing is a process, we encourage you to make weekly appointments with our consultants, who are part-time faculty or graduate level students trained in teaching English language grammar. Though they will not edit your paper for you, they will empower you with strategies for doing so yourself!

We regret that Conversation Swap is on temporary hiatus until the Fall 2021 semester. Check back here in fall 2021 to join us!

If you want to practice your newly-learned grammar skills, or practice speaking in a language you are learning, join us for Conversation Swap and Language Exchange, Thursdays from 3:00 to 4:00 pm on Zoom!  Email Debbi Mercado for the link.



 Updated 8/27/2020