Welcome to the University Writing Center!

We're still getting set up for the Spring 2022 Semester. Here are the opening dates:

Upper Division Writing Center: Monday, January 31st

Lower Division Writing Center: Monday, February 7th

Our team is here to aid students with their reading and writing skill-building through one-on-one consultations, writing workshops, and more! At the University Writing Center, we believe that successful writers, whether beginning or more experienced, benefit from discussing their work with an engaged and supportive audience. This is why we are here to help undergraduate and graduate writers at any stage of the writing process—from brainstorming on a topic, to drafting that first version, to polishing and revising the final product—for any project. We are ready to talk about your goals, review your work, and discuss what might come next!

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  • Looking for our Grammar Experts? Click on the "Upper Division, Graduate & Alum Writing Center" button and follow the instructions for sorting through the Airtable. All students are welcome to work with our Grammar Experts, even if you are working on assignments for 100- or 200-level courses.
  • Want some guidance preparing for the UDWPE? Click on the "Upper Division, Graduate & Alum Writing Center" button and follow the instructions for sorting through the Airtable.
  • Do you need proof of attendance for a tutoring session or workshop? Make sure to let your consultant know, and we will send proof directly to your professor. All proof of attendance is sent on Sundays via email.

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(We do not make appointments via email.)


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Please note that our main office has moved to a virtual presence until further notice. We will return your call or email as quickly as we can during business hours. 

Grammar Lab

We have merged with the Writing Center!
Check the Writing Center Page to find our Grammar Experts.


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