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Welcome to the University Writing Center.  We serve students by offering individual tutoring to students writing papers in classes in any discipline, supplemental instruction in first-year composition, workshops on various topics in reading and writing, and many ways to prepare for the UDWPE.  Find out more about our services by clicking on the menu at the right. 


Added consultations for Graduate Students! 

Call or drop by to make a 30-minute appointment to meet with Dr. Terrie Mathis (English/Linguistics faculty member) to discuss your project, thesis, or dissertation.  Dr. Mathis has experience teaching both writing and linguistics.  She’s taught courses in ESL Methods, has worked with graduate students, and is familiar with APA format. 

You can work together on a range of writing issues.  Just bring in a question or concern like:  

  • My advisor says my writing is too informal.
  • My advisor says my sentence structure is hard to follow. 
  • How do I transition from this section to the next?
  • How do I wrap up this section?
  • How do I integrate my sources?
  • Is my literature review well-organized?

Given the 30-minute session, only relatively short sections can receive attention.  Come to the appointment focused and ready to work.  Dr. Mathis is available Wednesday and Thursday afternoons.  Call (818) 677-2033 to make an appointment.