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Science, Math, and Related Topics (SMART) Lab

What is the SMART Lab?

The Science, Math, and Related Topics (SMART) Lab offers academic support in accounting, biology, chemistry, mathematics, physics, psychology, and economics. Our tutors are accomplished undergraduate and graduate students from a variety of university disciplines who are available to assist students on a walk-in basis.

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SMART Lab is now open!

To download a copy, please click on the link.

 To download a copy, please click on the link.






SMART Lab feedback

“I feel like Danny was really calm in understanding the problem I have with math. He kept trying to figure out the problem even when it was ridiculously hard. I really appreciate Danny's efforts.” [Danny – Calculus I]


“Marjan really knows how to tutor and explain each problem so that the student understands. I highly recommend!” [Marjan – Business Calculus]


“Sarah is an amazing linguist! She really helps me understand my English 302 (grammar) material and always uses different approaches when explaining something!” [Sarah – Linguistics]


“Yongmei is awesome! Very patient, and when I don't understand something she takes her time to keep explaining it to me until I do understand. I have seen Yongmei 5+ times, and I would rather not go to any other tutor. I am not good at chem but she makes it much clearer :)” [Yongmei – Chemistry]