Student Finance

1098-T Disclosure Statement

I consent to receive my annual Form 1098-T electronically via myNorthridge Portal.

Electronic Form 1098-T required disclosures:

1. The consent applies to every year the statement is furnished until it is withdrawn and is applicable immediately following the date of the consent.

2. After giving consent, view and print a copy of the Form 1098-T by:

* Login into myNorthridge portal through the CSUN website
* Go to the Financial Matters tab
* Under the My Financial Obligations pagelet, select 1098T Detail Inquiry
* Select the Tax Year to view the 1098-T Tuition Statement

3. The consent may be revoked at any time. Written requests may be emailed to Student Accounting from your CSUN email account. You will receive a confirmation email, indicating the effective date. Paper requests, must include a valid email address for confirmation. Mail paper requests to: CSUN, Student Accounting, 18111 Nordhoff Street, Northridge CA 91330-8359. The withdrawal of consent will be effective for subsequent Form 1098-T and will not apply to previously issued electronic Form 1098-T.

4. If you do not consent to receive the Form 1098-T electronically, a paper copy will be mailed to your address on file.

5. You must keep your contact information current. To update your contact information:

* Login to myNorthridge portal through the CSUN website
* Under My Settings, select My Student Center
* In the Personal Information box, select the Edit box to update your information
* Select OK
* Select Save

CSUN will inform you of any changes to your contact information.

6. Electronic furnishing of the Form 1098-T will not discontinue until further notice.

7. Your electronic Form 1098-T may be accessed via the Internet from any web-accessed computer. For a description of the hardware and software available to CSUN students, please refer to the CSUN Information Technology webpage. Your 1098-T is available to you via the myNorthridge portal 24/7.

Additional information is available on the IRS Form 1098T FAQs webpage.