Social work

CalSWEC Mental Health and LA County Department of Mental Health Stipends

Designed to prepare and recruit students for careers in public mental health, these stipends require students to obtain a second-year designated field placement with a county department of mental health or in a non-profit mental health service agency that is contracted with the Department of Mental Health.

Both stipends provide one year of financial support in the amount of $18,500,  and are only available to students in our on-campus two-year or three year programs and require a one calendar year work back commitment  with a county-operated or county contracted mental health program. The two types of stipends are different in how they are disbursed to students, and specifics regarding work back requirements.  Students will be provided additional information about these stipend opportunities as they begin the 2nd year field placement process.

As with all stipends, there will be a competitive application process and availability is dependent on funding and agency availability. Students should also be prepared with other financial aid plans should they not be selected.  Also, the award of some stipends may change the amount of financial aid a student is eligible for.

More information will be emailed or presented to admitted students as it becomes relevant.