Social work

California Social Work Education Center (CalSWEC)

CalSWEC Mission

The California Social Work Education Center (CalSWEC) is a partnership between the Schools of Social Work, public human services agencies, and other related professional organizations that facilitates the integration of education and practice to assure effective, culturally competent service delivery to the people of California.

California Social Work Education Center (CalSWEC) was instituted at CSUN’s Department of Social Work, in 2007.  The CalSWEC Stipend Program is funded through Title IV-E monies from the federal government which has been designated for child welfare training. CalSWEC provides financial support to MSW students in exchange for a commitment to work in a public child welfare agency, within the State of California, for a minimum of two years. It is hoped that students will continue their career in public child welfare beyond their employment obligation.

The first-year designated field placement is a non-profit child welfare agency that targets Title IV-E children and families.  The second year designated field placement is a county public child welfare agency (example: DCFS), where students will have the opportunity to practice and develop skills and tasks consistent with those of Children’s Social Works in public child welfare.

As with all stipends, there will be a competitive application process and availability is dependent on funding and agency availability. Those interested must apply to CSUN’s MSW Program first and application information will be distributed upon admittance to the MSW program.

CSUN’s Department of Social Work offers a full-time CalSWEC IV-E program for those admitted to the on-campus 2 year MSW program and a part-time CalSWEC IV-E program for those admitted to the on-campus 3 year MSW program and are current county child welfare employees who are eligible for release time.

Full-time CalSWEC IV-E Stipend Program (on-campus 2 year students only)
Program Description:
IV-E Stipend Recipients will receive $18,500 per academic year (totaling $37,000) and upon graduation, must obtain a position in public child welfare for a minimum of one year for each year of financial support received.  This employment obligation or “work back” must be in the state of California, at a county public child welfare agency (including L.A. County) for two (2) years.

Part-time CalSWEC IV-E Stipend Program (on-campus 3 year students who are current employees of a county Public Child Welfare Agency)
Program Description:
IV-E Stipend Recipients will receive reimbursement for tuition and fees, and the cost for required textbooks, travel for each day of class or fieldwork (up to $14,164 per year). As a public child welfare employee who received a letter of support and release time, employee agrees to return to that agency immediately after MSW graduation and render two years of continuous and satisfactory full time employment in a position at least a level appropriate to a new MSW in child welfare services. 

Necessary Requirements for either Full-Time or Part-Time CalSWEC IV-E Stipend Program:

  • Valid U.S. driver’s license
  • Current automobile insurance
  • Successful security clearances (criminal, medical, psychological)
  • U.S. citizenship or possession of a permanent United States Work Visa
  • Enrollment and completion of a Child Welfare elective course, which takes place in the concentration year