Social work

Master of Social Work Program's Student Organizations

AAPI Social Work Collective


Instagram: @csun.aapiswc

Mission: Promoting and educating on the AAPI experience , advocating for AAPI community needs, and engaging with APPI community, and with everyone, regardless of cultural background.

How to join: Students can contact AAPISWC through their Instagram or by email and they will send a link for the membership form.


Black Social Workers Caucus logo

Black Social Work Caucus


Instagram: @csun.bswc

Mission: To raise awareness on inequalities and injustice in Black communities while following social work values and ethics.

Board Members: Brittany Chenelle (Co-Chair), Dede Campbell (Co-Chair), Dr. Wendy Ashley (Faculty Advisor). Dr. Tuwana Wingfield (Faculty Advisor)



CSUN Puede logo¡CSUN Puede! 


Instagram: @csun_puede

Mission: Somos ¡CSUN Puede! a student-lead collective centered around the Latinx experience, language, y cultura. We seek to better understand the needs of our Latinx families and communidades to assure a culturally responsive approach to community engagement and client services. We strive to develop connections, and for some, fortify our Latinx identity in a safe space for ALL MSW students. We hope to find clarity of purpose en nuestro camino into the field of social work while embracing our Latinidad. Within this space, we chose to amplify our voices and gain leadership experience. Estamos juntos en la Lucha!

Board Members: Alyssa Ayon, Melissa Hernandez, Tracy Lara, Professor Curiel



 Docs n Talks LogoDocs & Talks

Instagram: @mswdocntalks

Mission: Our mission is to raise awareness of social issues affecting our communities. Join us in critical dialogues & advocacy efforts! Our Docs & Talks series includes screenings of documentaries and encourages dialogues surrounding social issues and advocacy efforts. We want to amplify the voices of our Black and Brown brothers and sisters and cultivate a space of vulnerability for healing and developing resiliency for liberation.

Board Members: Brittany Chenelle, Rebekah Haws, Dr. Paez


M3 Logo

Male Minority Mentoring (M3) 


Visit Male Minority Mentoring (M3) Website

Instagram: @csun_m3

Phone: (818) 677-7798

Mission: Male Minority Mentoring (M3) is committed to the success of Latino, African-American/Black, Native American, Southeast Asian, and other minoritized students. M3 is a program on campus designed to help minority males succeed in college and in their career.

How to Join: For students interested in joining M3, they can email or Dr. Lipscomb directly at

More Information: Using basketball pick-up games, one-on-one mentoring, focus groups and workshops on how to deal with stress, M3 helps students realize that asking for guidance, support, and mentorship is not weakness, but an important growth opportunity.

M3 was founded by Dr. Alejandra Acuna as a way to increase the graduation rate of males of color. Now under the direction of Dr. Allen Lipscomb, the program pairs undergraduate mentees with faculty and graduate level mentors to help guide students through their college experience.


QCSW logoQueer Coalition of Social Workers (QCSW)


Instagram: @csun_qcsw

Mission: The Queer Coalition of Social Workers was formed to address the lack of space, resources, and support for LGBTQ social workers and their clients. We seek to make space for Queer social workers and allies to empower themselves, collaborate, advocate, process, and envision an inclusive practice setting and approaches specific to social work.

Board members: Alex Rice, Natalie Draga, Professor Abelson

How to join: Membership is open to all currently enrolled students at CSUN. Voting power is limited to members who attend at least one prior meeting to voting. Members will be considered active if they attend at least 1 meeting every two months. 


SWS logo

Social Work Society (SWS)



Instagram: @csun_sws

Mission: The Social Work Society commits to advocating for and fostering community between all CSUN MSW students using an anti-oppressive, anti-racist, anti-colonial, and intersectional lens. 

Board Members: Esmeralda Melo (President), Dede Campbell (On-campus Vice President), Beatriz Morales (Off-campus Vice President), Melissa Hernandez (Secretary), Brittany Chenelle (23 Strong Ambassador), Jessica Urquiza (2-22 Representative), Jessica Gonzalez, (3-22 Representative), Alex Rice (3-23 Representative), Sara Seberger (O-22 Representatives), Sandy Arenales (2-23 Representative), Allen E. Lipscomb (Advisor)

How to Join: Membership is only available to CSUN MSW students. Paid dues include 3 packages (advocacy, social justice, and leadership) all ranging from $10-$45.

Soulcial Work Summer logo

Soul-cial Work Summer

Instagram: @soulcialworksummer

Mission: A student-led summer project by CSUN MSW students to explore and deepen our understanding and practice of Well for Culture's 7 Circles of Wellness. We seek to cultivate a creative space where humans feel free to reflect on the different roles humans play "in pursuit of equity, shared liberation, inclusion, and justice". Each week we host an IG Live with students, teachers, community organizers, activists who embody the principles of Well for Culture's 7 Circles of Wellness.

Board Members: Marilinda Gonzalez, Clarissa Quintanilla-Hernandez, Brittany Chenelle, Monica Santiago, Georgie de Mattos, Esmeralda Melo, Professor Paez




Teach-In Logo



Mission: Teach-In formerly Lunch & Learn is an opportunity for students, faculty, and staff to share their expertise and knowledge with our school community, and surrounding community at-large. Teach-Ins are a coalition of minds at the intersections of race, class, gender, sexual identity, ability, religion, etc. to educate and inform our school community on issues that impact and affect us all. All MSW students, faculty and staff are welcome to join and assist in forming a series of gatherings to address social justice issues at various social locations.

Faculty Advisers: Dr. Tuwana T. Wingfield and Steven Sherry




We Are Power logo

We Are Power


Instagram: @csun_wearepower

Mission: We Are Power is a student-led event that brings in experts from the selected topic to supplement course and field work in the Master of Social Work program at California State University, Northridge (CSUN).

Board Members: We Are Power is a CSUN MSW student-led organization made up of subcommittees such as Content, Logistics, Outreach, Finance, and Volunteers. There are no board members as we are all important contributors in the planning committee.

How to join: To join the We Are Power committee, please contact us at . Requirements are that the individual must be a current MSW student at CSUN and able to communicate efficiently.

More Information: We Are Power: Community in Action Conference is an annual student led conference bringing students, teachers, social workers, community leaders, scholars, and activists into community to raise critical consciousness, learn strategies to disrupt and resist oppressive structures, and empower us to take action. Previous conferences focused on: borders and settler colonialism, post-traumatic slave syndrome and trauma stewardship, disability justice, decolonizing environmental justice, critical race theory, working with LGBTQ+ communities, and carcerality.

Check out the We Are Power YouTube channel here: We Are Power