Procurement & Payments

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Requisition Process Guidelines

Anticipated requisitioned purchases $10,000 and below shall be procured using the University’s department PCard in lieu of a requisition. All PCard program policies and procedures shall be strictly adhered to.

Requisitions issued in non-compliance will be cancelled and the department shall be notified in writing by Purchasing & Contract Administration.


  1. Consulting Services
  2. Copier Service/Lease Agreements
  3. Custom Purchases (i.e., furniture)
  4. Faculty Relocations
  5. Maintenance/Service Contracts
  6. Open Orders/Blanket POs
  7. Public Works/Facilities Planning
  8. Teaching Agreements

Note: Limited Apple products with simple billing can be purchased with the PCard. All other Apple purchases should use the requisitioning process.


Phone Number Extension. Check that your extension is correct. If it is not, contact SOLAR Financials immediately to have this updated.

Product/Service. Correctly ordered to avoid Accounting and Central Receiving issues and change orders.

Chartfields. Must be correct to avoid change orders. Note: Purchasing will change the defaulted category number to reflect the proper category code upon receipt of your approved requisition.

Back-Up (use attachment feature)

      • Information and Communication Technology Form (for ATI review)
      • Current Quote that mirrors the Requisition
      • Agreement
      • Sole Source
      • Scope of Work
      • Diagrams for Printing and Furniture
      • Other

Note: No Level 1 Data is to be attached. If you’re not sure that an attachment qualifies for Level 1 Data, please consult your Administrator.

Due Date. Please enter the date that the product or service is due. This will help Purchasing prioritize the order in which requisitions are received and processed.

Vendor Information – Header Comment

      • Contact person, e-mail address, telephone number
      • Vendor location (this is necessary if there are numerous locations)

Requisition Lines. Must mirror the quote and shall include the following except for the sales tax (will be added automatically when a purchase order is generated)

      • Quote number
      • Item name/description (which shall be listed first)
      • Item number/catalog number (which shall be listed second)
      • Lease: Serial #/Description of equipment/Model # (listed in this order)
      • Term of service/license (i.e., start and end dates: 7/12/18-6/14/21)
      • Open Blanket Order/Fiscal Year with fiscal year term (if applicable)

Note: For multi-line quotes (i.e., furniture), please contact the assigned Buyer of your requisition for assistance before entering a requisition.

Quantity/Unit Price. Must be itemized and not combined for asset purposes.

Discount Lines. Enter as separate lines.

No Charge/Free Items. Put in the header/comments. Not as a line item(s).

Freight/Recycling/Miscellaneous. Enter as last item(s) on the requisition.

Individual Items $2,000.00 and Over. Must be placed on a requisition, no exceptions.

      • No Open Blanket Purchase Order Requisitions
      • No P-Card Waivers

Do Not enter tax lines (PO will self-calculate for you).

Do Not contact vendor about any changes to existing PO. Contact Purchasing.

Do Not enter orders $10,000 and below if the items are P-Card eligible; requisition will be cancelled. Please see the P-Card Handbook for more information on CSUN's P-Card Program.

  If you have questions, contact the Purchasing Department (x2301) before submitting your requisition.

 REV: 08/14/20