Procurement & Payments

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Requisition Process Guidelines

Anticipated requisitioned purchases $10,000 and below shall be procured using the University’s department PCard in lieu of a requisition. All PCard program policies and procedures shall be strictly adhered to.

Requisitions issued in non-compliance will be cancelled and the department shall be notified in writing by Purchasing & Contract Administration.


  1. Consulting Services
  2. Copier Service/Lease Agreements
  3. Custom Purchases (i.e., furniture)
  4. Faculty Relocations
  5. Maintenance/Service Contracts
  6. Open Orders/Blanket POs
  7. Public Works/Facilities Planning
  8. Teaching Agreements

Note: Limited Apple products with simple billing can be purchased with the PCard. All other Apple purchases should use the requisitioning process.


Provide a clear communication to the vendor regarding the Vendor Quotation Guidelines as outlined below:

  • The requisition must mirror the vendor’s quote. The vendor will submit an invoice based on the purchase order content.
  • The name, department and extension of the person requesting the items must be included.
  • Do not include a separate line for tax; the purchase order auto calculates tax.


  • Written quotations must be provided to the University for vendor goods and/or services.
  • Written quotations must break out the purchases at the line-item level, delineating taxable and non-taxable items.
  • Written quotations must include any miscellaneous fees, such as but not limited to:
    • Shipping/Freight
    • Recycling Fees (IT equipment)
    • Environmental Fees (IT equipment)
Shipping is always Freight on Board (FOB), destination. No exceptions