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The Pride Center offers variety of programs to support the LGBTQIA+ community throughout each academic year. Below is a sampling of some of them. Please note that programs may vary from year-to-year and are subject to change. Visit our calendar page to check out what's coming up at the Pride Center!

Coffee Nights (Weekly)

Treat yourself to good times during Coffee Nights at the Pride Center of the University Student Union! All CSUN students, staff and allies of the LGBTQIA+ community are invited to drop by the Pride Center every Thursday to enjoy FREE coffee and snacks, plus exciting games, cool crafts and good conversation with welcoming people.

Bring your friends, build connections and brew up some fun during Coffee Nights from the Pride Center of the University Student Union.

T-Time (Weekly)

Join the Pride Center of the University Student Union this to find support and cultivate your sense of community during T-Time. Whether you’re transgender, gender questioning or non-binary, this welcoming weekly event is designed to give you the space and freedom to connect with others as you navigate embracing who you are. Everyone in the trans and non-binary community is welcome, so join us as we exchange helpful resources, highlight different support networks and dive into dynamic conversations about our intersecting identities.

Get ready to explore new friendships and begin building safe community each week at T-Time with the Pride Center of the University Student Union.

Kinky Karaoke (Fall and Spring)

Join the Pride Center of the University Student Union for an exciting night of singing and sex education during Kinky Karaoke! Take the stage and sing your heart out in front of a welcoming and inclusive crowd of Matadors just like you. Between songs you can enjoy free food, learn more about inclusive sex education and participate in kinky giveaways. Don’t miss this opportunity to steal the show during Kinky Karaoke with the Pride Center of the University Student Union.

Trans Empowerment Celebration (Fall)

The Pride Center invites all students, trans and nonbinary folks to celebrate Trans Awareness Week and commemorate Trans Day of Remembrance with special events.

Rainbow Graduation (Spring)

Enjoy a memorable ceremony featuring speakers, food and a special presentation of scholarship awards while honoring the graduating members of the CSUN LGBTQIA+ community. Allies are welcome to participate in Rainbow Graduation too.

LGBTQIA+ Peer Mentor Program

Find community, build relationships and discover helpful resources with a Pride Center mentor during the fall or spring semesters the LGBTQIA+ Peer Mentor Program! This program is an exciting opportunity to begin forging new relationships in CSUN’s LGBTQIA+ community as you step into a new semester. Whether you meet in person or virtually, you’ll be able to participate in valuable workshops, explore the resources available to you through the Pride Center and hang out with your mentor along the way!   

Your identity matters, so come receive the support, connection and encouragement you deserve this semester through the LGBTQIA+ Peer Mentor Program, hosted by the Pride Center of the USU.

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