Timekeeper View Timesheet Details

Employees’ past and current Time & Labor transactions can be viewed on the Payable Time Detail page.

This page displays information pertaining to the time entry (date, hours, time reporting code, status, etc.).

STEP 1: Locate the “HR/Timekeeper or Manager Time & Attendance” pagelet on the portal page and select the “View Timesheet Details” link.

STEP 2: Enter the selection criteria and click “Get Employees”.

Timekeeper Get Employees

 STEP 3: Once the employee list appears, select the employee’s name to access his/her information.

Timekeeper Select Employee

STEP 4: The payable time detail will appear for the selected employee. Change the Start Date and End Date field as needed and click Refresh. Choose the Overview or Task Reporting Elements tab to view information about the specific transaction.

Timekeeper Payable Time Detail