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myCSUNsoftware – Requesting Software

If you are interested in adding software to myCSUNsoftware for your class or department, please review the recommended criteria. If the recommended criteria is met, please follow the process for adding new software. If you have any questions, contact the IT Help Center.

Criteria to Add New Software Titles

  1. Software is required for use by multiple courses/departments, or has a significant cost per license and is used by a small number of courses/students.
  2. Students are required to access software outside of course time.
  3. Software vendor authorizes the use of their software in the myCSUNsoftware (Citrix environment) for use by students on non-state owned computing devices.
  4. Software is compatible with myCSUNsoftware (will require testing by IT and software power-users).

Process to Add New Software

  • Faculty/department identifies candidate software.
  • Associate Dean or College DFO approves College request to submit request to IT to add software.
  • IT works with College DFO to confirm vendor-approval for use in myCSUNsoftware.
  • IT loads software for testing by College power-user(s).
  • Software is scheduled to go-live in the following semester for the identified student courses/departments.

Note: New software requests must be received at least one month prior to the start of the beginning of a semester to accommodate vendor discussions, testing, and preparation in time for semester-start up.

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